9 Gifts For Your Partner's Siblings, Depending On How Long You've Been Dating

By Genevieve Wheeler

Gift-giving is a tricky business. I mean, it's hard enough to decide on gifts for your family, friends, and partner (who, presumably, you know pretty well). But if you're joining your S.O. for the holidays, now you've got to find gifts for your partner's siblings as well? Regardless of how long you two have been together, shopping for another person's brothers and sisters is never an easy task.

One year, I straight-up bought Christmas gifts for my sisters on my boyfriend's behalf. I honestly just wanted to save him the hassle of deciding what to get two women who were older, wiser, and way more knowledgeable about Lush products than he would ever be (have you ever accidentally given someone a face mask intended for acne-prone skin? It does not end well...).

But even if your partner is as clueless about what to buy his or her siblings as you are, don't start stress-chugging eggnog yet! Just as I came through for my boyfriend that Christmas, I promise I can come through for you, too.

Here's a look at nine different gifts to pick up for your S.O.'s brothers and sisters this holiday season, depending on how long you've been dating (because yes, that totally makes a difference).

If It's Your First Time Meeting Them


If a holiday gift exchange is the first time you'll be meeting your partner's family, rolling up with that vintage Star Wars poster you know their brother's been wanting for years will feel a bit inauthentic and disingenuous. I mean, you don't really know these guys yet, so there's no need to break the bank or bring the gift of their dreams ("Nice to meet you, stranger! I've been stalking your Instagram for months and knew you've been dying to get this!").

Instead of trying to find a present that perfectly captures their personality, give them one that captures a bit of yours (think: miniature samples of your favorite fragrance, a great book you recently finished or loved when you were their age, or sweet treats from your local bakery or chocolatier).

If You've Known Them For A Year Or Two


At this point, it's safe to say you know them fairly well, but may not be thick as thieves. Now's the time to show off your thoughtfulness and make it clear that yes, you totally listen when they speak and have a solid sense of their hobbies, interests, and favorite TV shows. Maybe they've got an incurable case of wanderlust, a growing vinyl collection, or an obsession with Game of Thrones... Whatever the case may be, they're sure to appreciate that you took the time and energy to get them a present that speaks to, well, them.

If They're Basically Your Family Now


This isn't your first rodeo. You're no longer just a guest at your partner's family holiday party, you're basically a co-host, and their siblings see you as another brother or sister. So this year, why not give them gifts that allow you all to spend even more quality time together?

Opt for experiences rather than material things, like cooking classes, spa treatments, brewery tours, or even concert tickets (Groupon and Airbnb Experiences are great places to search, too).

Oh, and pro tip: if your S.O.'s got a little sister, try throwing her a tea party (complete with scones and a sparkly dress code). As a former little sister myself, I can guarantee she'll love it.

Whether you're trying to make a solid first impression, win over a skeptical sister, or capture how much you love knocking back beers with his/her brother, each of these gifts is sure to show your partner (and his family) that you're considerate, generous, and have stellar taste. Is it too soon to dub yourself the queen of gift-giving? I think not...

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