9 Flirty Opening Lines To Send On Dating Apps When You Get Major Heart Eyes

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When it comes to sending the first message to a crush on a dating app, sending a flirty pickup line might actually be worth the risk. That's because your message might catch your crush's attention more than a casual "hey" would. I have done some of that hard work for you and came up with a list of flirty opening lines to send on dating apps. The trouble with dating is that it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of multiple matches on multiple apps. There's no tried and true method of catching someone's eye on a dating app. You've just got to try out different tactics and see what works for you.

The good news is that making your first message more specific and personalized than, "hey," doesn't take too much effort! When in doubt, pay attention to your crush's profile and the details that you like about them. Just the other day I told some guy, "Oxford commas are sexy," and it actually worked. He asked me to get a drink! Though I do love a good Oxford comma, I wasn't just randomly saying that. I always prefer to make a joke based off a crush's profile, because it shows I have read it. People put time into their profiles and appreciate it when others actually read them. The guy I mentioned had listed Oxford commas as something he couldn't live without. So I went for it. And it ended up working out. Moral of the story is Oxford commas are great, and so is flirting. If you take a flirty risk — your crush might just flirt back.

If you think they're hot.

People really love to be complimented. If you reach out with something funny, flirty, and respectful, you might just get the response you were hoping for. If you think your crush is attractive, there are a ton of ways to communicate that!

  • "I was going to say hi but I fainted when I saw your profile. I'm fine now, only slight bruising. But I could use a tall glass of water like yourself."
  • "*Faints*"
  • "Are you Pete Davidson? because you give off some big d*ck energy and I really hope you're single."
If they have a pet in their profile picture.

When people have pictures with animals on their profiles, it gives you a ton of opportunities for some really flirty first messages.

  • "Wow he is SO CUTE, I just wanna cuddle him all day. And the dog isn't bad either."
  • "I, too, enjoy wearing a collar and leash."
  • "Damn, I wish you were also naked in this picture."
If you're into throwing your crushes a curve ball

Surprising your crush with something random, funny, or complimentary is a great idea.

  • "Are you a beaver? Because DAM."
  • "You seem like your life is so put together that your phone screen isn't even shattered."
  • "Ariana Grande said, 'God is a Woman' and you might just be my savior."

Hopefully any one these flirty pickup lines will work or at least give you a laugh. Especially the Pete Davidson line.

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