9 Cute Halloween Costumes To Wear With Your Cat That Are Absolutely Purrfect

If you’re a cat mom like me, I’m sure you’ve been to the pet store multiple times already and noticed that Halloween costumes have filled up the aisles. Sure, most of them may be intended “for dogs,” but we all know our fuzzy friends want to get in on the holiday spirit of things as well. It’s perfectly adorable to get your hands on some costumes to wear with your cat this Halloween. In fact, you can pair up for a perfectly festive duo that will make all of your friends scrolling through Instagram smile uncontrollably.

It usually helps to start with the cat costume and work on yours from there, but there are plenty of homemade costumes you can put together, so the possibilities and creative spins are truly endless. If you need some inspiration to get started, here are nine downright adorable cat and owner Halloween costumes. Now, my Pinterest board is currently overflowing with the best ideas to rock with my cat. Whether you’re dressing up your cat for your enjoyment, or going to a party where felines are invited (btw, please invite me), don’t forget to take all the pictures you want, because you don’t want to forget this Halloween.

Your Favorite Marvel Character
em // 14 on Twitter

Blue Hoodie, $37, Etsy

Be the hero you wish to see in the world. If you and your cat both love the Marvel cinematic universe, you can go as your favorite superhero for Halloween. If you can't find a specific cat version of the costume, you can always get a blue hoodie for your cat's Captain America look on Etsy, and paint an "A" on it. You can DIY your own version, too.

Twin Cats
SiberianCats on Twitter

Fingerless Faux Fur Gloves, $32, Etsy

If your cat isn't into costumes, you can always go as your fuzzy baby for Halloween. This way, you're #twinning in the most adorable fashion. Cat ears and a tail are easily finds at any Halloween store. You can even get super creative by matching the fur of your cat with some fingerless faux fur gloves on Etsy.

Just Some Moo-ing Cow-stumes
Katarina 🌴 on Twitter

Cat Cow Hat, $12, Etsy | Cow Onesie, $30, Etsy

These costumes are udder-ly cute. You can find a cow hat for your cat on Etsy, and you'll be super comfortable in a cow onesie. Every party you go to will have everyone totally a-moo-sed by your perfect Halloween costumes.

Would You Like Fries With These Costumes?
briyoncé on Twitter

Cheeseburger Cat Hat, $20, Etsy

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger," can I have these adorable costumes?! You'll most likely find a burger cat costume in any pet store, or there's this sweet cheeseburger cat hat on Etsy your feline friend will melt hearts in. As for you, all you'll need is a paper hat that you can score for free at any In-N-Out or Steak 'n Shake. I don't know about you, but I personally love the word "free."

Be The Mystical Creatures You Know You Are
nasty gabby on Twitter

Unicorn Hat for Cats, $30, Etsy | Magical Dragon Onesie, $40, Etsy

Halloween is all about dressing up as something you most want to be. That can totally be a mystical creature, like a unicorn or a dragon. You can find a unicorn hat for cats on Etsy, and a magical dragon onesie for you.

Your Fave Characters From 'Stranger Things'
Ashlee Geddings on Twitter

Pink Dress, $5, Etsy

Stranger Things season two is almost here, so why not be your favorite characters for Halloween? Your cat can find a simple pink dress to be Eleven on Etsy. You can get creative with whatever character you want to be, but don't forget the essential props, like Christmas lights, or a box of Eggo waffles.

May The Force Be With Your Costumes
Kristin Salaky on Twitter

Pet Chewbacca Costume, $15, Target

Your entire crew can dress up for Halloween in Star Wars costumes. If you're pumped for The Last Jedi, you can celebrate by being Luke and Leia. Target has a pet Chewbacca costume for your fur baby, and you can easily be Princess Leia with items you probably already have in your house. Put your hair up in the signature buns, and find a white dress from your closet.

Our Hearts Are Melting For These 'Frozen' Costumes
Cassandra Hill on Twitter

Princess Anna's Dress, $85, Etsy | Olaf Costume, $60, Target

Don't "let it go" this Halloween, and instead, go all out. You and your cat can go as characters from Disney's Frozen. You can find a pet version of Princess Anna's dress on Etsy, and Target has an awesome Olaf costume for you. If you don't want to dish out a lot of cash, grab a white T-shirt, and stick three black buttons on it. You can also make a carrot nose out of some orange construction paper.

This Halloween, You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Emma on Twitter

Cat Shark Costume, $26, Etsy | Fierce Shark Onesie, $50, Etsy

Honestly, Jaws would be way less scary and probably my favorite movie ever if it was just a cute little cat in a shark costume. There are a ton of shark costumes for your cat, and a fierce shark onesie for yourself all on Etsy! You can also dress yourself up as a pirate if you don't want to match. Just put together your most sea-worthy outfit from what you have in your closet, and top it off with a DIY eye patch out of string and black paper.