10 Adorable Halloween Costumes You Can Wear With Your Dog


If you have a dog that you love, you can't imagine spending a holiday without your fur baby, which is why you want to spend every Halloween together. Halloween is all about the costumes, and you know your dog totally wants to get in the holiday spirit by dressing up too. I mean, you guys go everywhere together anyway, so why not go out on Halloween night in matching costumes? Luckily for you, there are a bunch of cute dog and owner Halloween costume ideas you can be this year. It's not just you that can get in on the fun. Let's be real, you might even win your party's best couple's costume.

You don't have to go with the traditional sweater look, either. There's more options than that for dogs, and you can totally get creative. It's best to start with your friend first. There are a lot of dog costumes out there in stores, and many owners have gotten super smart with pairing up their own look with their fur baby's. If you're both stuck on what to be on All Hallows' Eve, here are 10 costumes you and your dog can wear together. Don't spend Halloween without your best friend, because you both know you look best when you're together.

1. Wayne and Garth

There's just something about a dog in a wig that gets me. This is an awesome idea, because like Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World, you and your dog are BFFs. Party time, excellent!

2. The Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow

Take a trip down the yellow brick road with these Wizard of Oz characters. Your dog can know what it feels like to be the king of the forest for one night as the Cowardly Lion, while you're just looking for a brain as the Scarecrow. You can even get a crew to fill out the rest of the Oz squad.

3. Dog Walking Dog

They say a dog and their owner can start to look alike. You can dress just like your dog for Halloween. This one doesn't even take a costume for your dog, so it's easy. No one will be able to tell you two apart. #Twinsies

4. Magical Unicorns

Rainbows, sparkles, and golden horns. It just makes sense to be unicorns. You and your dog both already think of yourselves as magical beings anyway.

5. Serving Hot Dogs

If you have one hot dog, they can be an actual hot dog on Halloween. You can dress up as a hot dog cart vendor, so you go together. The only thing is this hot dog is not for sale. Just for admiring.

6. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

A Wes Anderson Halloween costume is always a good idea. That's why this The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou dog and owner costume is so cute. This costume is also easy. You just need to find a submarine costume for your dog, and the rest is something you could find in a store or in your closet.

7. Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep

Halloween is all about pretending to be something you're not for the night. I'm sure your dog has always wondered what it would be like to be a sheep, so this Little Bo Peep and sheep costume is great. Unlike Bo Peep though, you would never ever lose your sheep.

8. Eleven And A Waffle

With the new season of Stranger Things coming out soon, it would just make sense to be Eleven and a waffle for Halloween. Eleven loves her waffles just like you love your dog. Also, can we talk about how a dog dressed up like a waffle is two of my favorite things wrapped in one?

9. Where's Waldo

You and your dog can hide out this Halloween by being Where's Waldo. It will be hard to blend in though, because you both will look so cute and all eyes will be on you. I just can't get over the little dog beanie and glasses. Too cute!

10. E.T. And Elliott

I'm dead, because this costume is too cute. This is also super simple to put together. You just need a blanket and a red hoodie to be E.T. and Elliott from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. You love your dog so much you want to spend Halloween together, and you know when it comes to each other you'll always ""