9 Christmas Things To Start Planning RN If You Can't Wait For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Everything may be decked out in spiderwebs and pumpkins right about now, but in your heart, you're dreaming of a white Christmas. You just can't wait to swap out your pumpkin spice for some hot chocolate, and candy corn for candy canes. In fact, you've been eyeing those ugly sweaters in your closet, anxiously waiting until it's deemed appropriate to wear them again. While you still have some time to go, there are a few Christmas things to plan right now if you're in the mood to bring on the jolliest season of all time.

It may be too soon for some people to blast Christmas jingles, but that doesn't mean you can't break out your *NSYNC Christmas album in the comfort of your own home while preparing for Dec. 25 to arrive as quickly as possible. You understand that Halloween and Thanksgiving deserve their time as well. You just wish they would hurry the heck up so the Christmas season was here already.

It feels like the days are excruciatingly long when you have something you're looking forward to. That's why I like to jam-pack mine, so they go by much quicker. You can get geared up for the season by planning out these nine Christmas things right now.

Schedule A Time With Your Girls For A Christmas Movie Marathon

Getting your girls together for a movie night is a must, but there's actually a lot of planning involved. You all have different schedules, so finding a date far in advance is the way to go. Once you settle on a day, get to planning the girls' night essentials, including a list of your favorite Christmas movies like Elf and Home Alone, holiday cocktail recipes (if you're 21 or older), and your favorite festive cookie mix.

Plan 12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters
Rachel Chapman

I don't believe Christmas sweaters should be called ugly at all, because to me, they are all beautiful. In fact, I love Christmas sweaters so much that I have enough for every day leading up to Christmas, and partake in #12DaysOfSweaters on Instagram.

If you love Christmas sweaters just as much as me, now is the time to start planning out what sweaters you're going to wear. You want to start simple, and end on the most Christmas-y sweater in existence on Dec. 25.

Decide Which Corner Of Your Apartment The Tree Will Go This Year

It may not be time to really break out the holiday decorations just yet, but you can start planning where they'll go. Of course, you could always put your tree where it went last year, but maybe this year, you can switch it up.

Bring a little Christmas feng shui into your home. Plus, planning now will make everything easy, breezy when you finally can break out your holiday decor.

Stockpile All The Cookie Recipes You Plan On Trying Out

Growing up, it was tradition to bake cookies and leave them out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Now, the cookies are all for you. It doesn't have to be your typical sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles, either. You can make peppermint chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and even red and green M&M cookies.

The list of baked goods you want to make is likely pages long, so while you wait, start saving those recipes. When it's finally sugar season, you can try them out.

Test Out Every Hot Chocolate Recipe To Find The Best One

Many people are obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes right now, but your go-to warm drink is actually hot chocolate. You plan on drinking hot chocolate every day of December, so you want it to be absolutely perfect. Test out different recipes to find the one that's best for you. This will truly be the sweetest experiment you'll participate in.

Start A List Of Presents To Buy Your Family

One of the best parts about Christmas is being able to give your loved ones presents. You love the look on their faces when you really nail the gift game. Though, some of your family members are super hard to shop for. Now is the time to start getting a list together, so when those Black Friday deals pop up, you're ready to shop till you drop.

Start Your Own Christmas Wish List

Just like Santa has a naughty and nice list, you also need two: one for your family, and one for you. Start a note to yourself of everything you want for Christmas this year. When your mom asks you what you want, you won't be drawing a blank.

Organize Your Holiday Weekends, So Each One Is Filled With Festive Fun

There are a ton of fun activities you want to do this holiday season. between ice skating, Christmas tree shopping, and peppermint chocolate baking parties. You plan to have every weekend filled to the brim with Christmas cheer, but with you and your friends all leaving town to head home, things will get hectic fairly soon. That's why you need to start putting things on your calendar now. Your friends might think you're getting too ahead of yourself, Christmas is really right around the corner.

Go Shopping For Your Holiday Party Outfits

When the weather outside starts to get frightful, you'll definitely need the right boots and coats. You'll also need a few dresses for all the holiday parties you plan on attending this year. Before everyone else starts looking, go shopping now to get a head start on the most fashionable finds.