Candles and wine surround a jacuzzi in a cave home in Santorini on Airbnb.
9 Cave Homes You Can Stay At For The Most Unique Getaway

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You've likely seen tree houses, vintage airstreams, and even tiny homes listed on Airbnb — but have you checked out their selection of cool caves you can spend the night in? There are many reasons why you might turn to Airbnb for your next vacation rental. It could be that you're looking for something within your budget, a place that can fit your whole squad, or a super unique home to call your own for the time being. That's why this roundup of cave homes on Airbnb should be next on your wanderlust-filled bucket list.

For your next getaway, take it back to the cave days. Though, this time around, the caves have WiFi. A cave home actually has pretty much everything you need for a romantic trip with bae or a productive writer's retreat in the woods. Not to mention, there are many different kinds of caves you can check out across the globe, depending on your vacay style. Be one with nature in a cave in Utah, or chill out in a cave with a Jacuzzi in Greece. The choice is totally up to you, so round up your travel buddies and set your sights on any of these cave homes.

This Cave Apartment In France Has A Super Relaxing Bathtub

Grab your passport for this cave home in France. Spend your days exploring the sights, and then, relax at night in a bathroom that's not only in a cave, but comes with a beautiful tub.

This Cave Home In Utah Was Made For Nature Lovers

Be one with nature by booking this cave home in Boulder, Utah. The two-bedroom cave is located on a working farm, so you might make friends with a few adorable farm animals on your trip. There's even a lounge area that's made for relaxing, complete with a giant bean bag chair right next to an open window where you can see mother nature truly flexing.

This Cave Suite In Greece Is Beyond Romantic

For a romantic getaway with bae, you might want to book this cave suite in Santorini, Greece. Not only does it have a veranda where you and your SO can enjoy a glass of wine while overlooking the water, but there's also an indoor-outdoor Jacuzzi.

This Cozy Cave Home In Spain Will Fit Your Whole Crew

Round up your entire squad for this cave home in Spain. With three bedrooms, this home away from home can sleep up to five guests. That means a girls' trip abroad is crucial, and now you know just what cave to have it in.

This Private Cave Room In France Is The Ultimate Solo Retreat

If you want to get out of town for either a quiet writer's retreat or solo European vacay, you might want to consider booking this private cave room in France. It has everything you need all in one room like a cozy bed, relaxing bathtub, and coffee and tea at your disposal.

This Relaxing Cave In Spain Has Access To Hammam Arab Baths

If relaxation is your main goal for your cave adventure, you might want to go with this cave home in Spain. There's an outdoor swimming pool that's open in the summer, and as a guest, you'll have access to the Hammam Arab Baths (for an additional charge).

This Open Cave Home In Spain Is So Open And Bright

Give yourself the space to relax and unwind in this open cave home in Spain. The juxtaposition of the modern furniture next to a cave wall is everything you hoped for.

This Charming Cave Home In Italy Makes For The Coziest Stay

When you're on vacation, all you care about is getting cozy and relaxing. This cave home in Italy is here to help with that. Not only does it have an indoor fireplace for comfy nights, but an entire relaxation room.

This Hilltop Cave Home In Greece Defines Insta-Worthy

When heading to Santorini, you want to do it in style. There's no better place to stay than in a cave home on a hilltop. Every room in this private home is beautifully decorated, and you'll want to snap all the pics.

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