9 Memes To Send Your Friend Who's Going Through A Breakup & Needs Some TLC

It seems that nowadays there are memes for almost every occasion or emotion, and breakups are no different. Some of them are LMAO-level funny, and some of them make us shake our freaking heads at how accurate AF they are. In fact, these 9 breakup memes to send your friend do a little of both. Admittedly, a meme may not be a cure-all for the breakup blues, but it’s bound to make your friend laugh (or at least crack a smile), and honestly, that’s about the best thing you can do during this difficult time. By acknowledging the messy, mystifying, downright merciless nature of breakups in one hilarious image, you can remind your friend that she’s not alone.

I’m not sure which is worse: Going through a breakup, or watching your best friend go through one. There’s something pretty excruciating about observing your bestie as they cycle through the confusing roller coaster of emotions after their relationship ends, and worse, feeling helpless all the while. Sometimes it seems all the Halo Top and trash talk in the world isn’t going to help them get over it, and that’s where humor comes in. Breakups are a big part of the shared human experience. At one point or another, most of us have had our hearts broken (or been the heartbreakers), and joking about this common event can certainly help to ease some of the agony. That’s where the following positively savage memes come in. TBH, you can never have too much sass when you're trying to help a friend who's stuck in a post-split rut.

For the friend who's self-medicating.

If you’ve ever watched New Girl, you know that Nick Miller is chock full of pearls of wisdom, which he generously doles out to his roomies at just the right moments — like “I don’t wash the towel — the towel washes me.” And “No germ can live in a body that is 65 percent beer.” This little gem is perfect to send your bestie who may be imbibing a little more than usual after a breakup. Of course, it’s a good idea to encourage them to drink responsibly, but this meme lets her know that if a couple margaritas are going to help take her mind off the misery — even just temporarily — you’re in.

For the friend who's been pulling all the weight.

Relationships are supposed to be about meeting in the middle — compromise, equal effort, etc. But unfortunately, that's not always the case. If your friend just got out of a relationship in which she was giving her all and hardly getting anything in return, she's sure to get a laugh out of this painfully real meme.

For the friend that hasn't flown solo in a long time.

Being single again after you've been in a relationship for years can be pretty scary. Suddenly, you're tasked with answering irritatingly invasive questions about your love life from family members, attempting to meet new people, and dealing with going to stag to certain events. There are lots of perks to being single, though, and it's your job to remind her of these before she starts thinking her life is going to be lackluster without a partner. This brutal Chelsea Handler meme should do the trick. It's an exaggeration... kind of.

For the friend who's having regrets.

Sometimes, a breakup brings up some tough questions about why we were ever dating that person in the first place. If your friend is starting to scratch their head (and on more that one occasion, has asked some version of, "What was I thinking?!"), this is a fitting meme. The literal interpretation is a little ridiculous, but it suggests that it's totally OK they're just realizing her ex is total garbage (even if you knew this all along).

For the friend that's revenge-hungry.

Ah, evil Kermit. Don't we all have one inside us? If your friend's sadness has evolved into anger and they seem eager to get back at the ex, make light of the situation with this clever meme. Because let's be honest, most of us have been tempted to be a little petty with an ex, whether that means posting a thirst trap Instagram photo to remind them what they're missing, destroying one of their favorite possessions, or sending them a Paypal invoice for the cost of your last few therapy sessions. Not saying it's right, but hey — we can fantasize.

For the friend who got tired of waiting around.

Your friend spent seven years of her life with someone who still wasn't sure about their future with her. Now, she's either feeling like she wasted all that time with the wrong person or wondering if she should have stuck it out in hopes that her ex would have come around. There's hardly a better meme for this scenario than Beyonce's epic anthem for single ladies everywhere. Bonus points: Include an extra piece of lyrics gold: "You had your turn / but now you gon' learn / What it really feels like to miss me." Mic drop.

For the friend who's starting to appreciate single life.

Cat lovers will certainly get a kick out of this one. If your friend is finally seeing the light after a brutal breakup, you can show your encouragement with this meme — after all, our pets are able to love us unconditionally without potentially devastating us. So her feline may very well offer just the cuddle fix she needs while she's adjusting to single life.

For the friend who just had an awk encounter.

There's hardly anything worse after a breakup than running into your ex, whether at a party, a supermarket, or worse — while one or both of you is on a date. Not only does seeing them in person again serve as a painful reminder of their existence while you're trying desperately to forget them, but if you're no over them yet, the run-in is bound to bring up some confusing feelings. Make light of it by sending your friend this hilarious meme. They may not get to actually react the way they want to, so they can live vicariously through this fearless little driver.

For the friend who's ex made a mistake.

You know your bestie is a real catch. For some reason, though, the ex just didn't appreciate them. It's likely that your friend is getting some peace of mind in knowing that eventually, their former flame will realize they made a massive mistake. In the meantime, they can get a chuckle out of this meme, which perfectly captures how sure you are that their previous partner will never find someone better.

Remember that your presence is so crucial during your friend’s breakup — not only so that you can listen to them vent about their split but also by making them laugh. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine, and it’s probably the only one that won’t come with a hangover or some other nasty side effects. So, while your BFF is masochistically stalking their ex on Instagram, cropping them out of photos, and drowning their sorrows in spiked seltzer, you can do your part and provide some levity with some on-point breakup memes.

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