9 Recipes For Boozy Shamrock Shakes, Because This Combo Is Mint To Be

We've waited what has seemed like an eternity, and finally, it's back! I'm talking about the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's, of course. It's that refreshing, minty green shake that comes just in time for St. Patrick's Day. McDonald's toys with our emotions by making this tasty treat only available for a limited time — and the struggle is all too real. Lucky for us, there are some recipes online so we can make our own Shamrock Shakes year-round. Spice up that St. Patty's Day treat — if you're 21 and up — with boozy Shamrock Shake recipes.

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect holiday to treat yourself with an adult beverage, so why not mix alcohol and a delicious mint milkshake? It's the perfect combination of sweet and boozy. I'm truly feeling that luck of the Irish, because we've hit the jackpot with these nine recipes. There are so many tutorials to choose from, so try one or try them all.

Why not have your squad over for a Shamrock Shake party this year? It already sounds like the best St. Pat's Day party I've ever been to, so mix up some tasty drinks and have a shamrockin' good time with your favorite people on this holiday.

Embrace The Green With This Lucky Shake
Shared Food on YouTube

Hakuna ma-vodka this St. Patrick's Day. It means no worries — with some vodka and delicious vanilla ice cream. This recipe only has a few ingredients, and it's so easy to follow along with that you will honestly have zero worries while making it. Just add, blend, and sip away!

A Chocolate Garnish Is The Way To The Heart
Reviewed on YouTube

This shake is minty fresh, and I'm here for it. Use the leftover mint sprigs in the recipe to garnish the top of shake so that it looks fancy AF for your 'Gram. To be honest, I'm sold on this recipe, because the woman suggests you use Andes chocolate mints to decorate. Anything that includes chocolate, I am so about it.

A Vegan Shake If You Coco-Not Do Dairy
Genie Liz on YouTube

If you're vegan, this is the Shamrock Shake for you. Instead of vanilla ice cream, this recipe uses coconut ice cream and coconut milk. I'm not vegan, but I would try a coconut ice cream Shamrock Shake for sure.

Alcohol And Shamrock Shakes Are Pepper-Mint To Be
Food Network on YouTube

To get that fresh, minty flavor in this shake, it uses peppermint schnapps. My commit-mint to this shake is so huge. I will definitely be trying out this recipe in the name of the holiday.

I'll Stop The World And Melt With This Milkshake
Total Wine & More on YouTube

There's a lot going on that I love with this recipe. Irish cream? Yes. Vanilla extract? Smells great. Lucky Charms to garnish? Holy wow, that is sweet perfection. I think I'm in love. Can I marry a milkshake? I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it.

You'll Have Heart Eyes For These Shamrock Shakes
MyHarto on YouTube

Drunk Kitchen is always a delight to watch, so of course I want to try this boozy Shamrock Shake recipe. This delicious drink truly whisked me off my feet using Irish whiskey. It'll get you hyped up for the holiday. Plus, the endless puns low-key deserve an award.

A Martini 007 Would Love That Is 'Shaken, Not Stirred'
Cait Straight Up Cooking on YouTube

It's shake, Shamrock Shake. If you're a martini kind of person, try your hand at this tutorial. I would totally invite Daniel Craig over for my St. Patrick's Day party if I served up these cocktails.

A Shamrock Shake That Is So Fresh And So Creamy
DJs BrewTube on YouTube

You'll be Irishing you had one of these Shamrock Shakes. I'm always looking for new recipes that use Irish cream, and this shake's got it. Along with your vodka and Rumple Minze, this recipe adds some Irish cream to make it really creamy.

A Shamrock Shake Where The Mint Is Not An Understate-Mint
HellthyJunkFood on YouTube

Other recipes on this list are minty, but this recipe might truly take the cake — or should I say, shake — on being the mintiest of them all. The recipe combines peppermint schnapps, creme de menthe, mint extract, and mint leaf. You will definitely be feelin' fresh after tasting this treat.