A cute couple dressed in casual clothes laughs and takes a walk in nature with their dog.
9 Cute Things To Do With Your Pup & SO To Bring Your Loves Together


Your heart has been stolen by your two loves: your partner and your pup. You love them both endlessly, and nothing makes you happier than seeing them together. It may take some time for your furry friend to get acquainted with your bae if you're in a newer relationship, so you may want to plan some bonding activities to do with your dog and partner. But even if your relationship isn't new, there are many special plans you can make as a trio that'll warm your heart.

Of course, your pup may already like your significant other, but you want your fur baby to love them as much as you do. Plus, finding activities to do with your dog is a cool way to switch up date time. Obviously, you don't have to do every single idea that's suggested on this list. It may just take one of these nine fun activities for everyone to bond together. But regardless, you will all definitely have a great time doing any or all of them. Before you know it, your bae and dog will be the best of friends, and you'll be able to lovingly admire everything you love in one cute place.

Go On A Short Weekend Getaway

A mini getaway is always a great choice for bonding. Exploring new places not only gives you stories to tell, but inside jokes as well. Find a pet-friendly Airbnb in a place you and bae have been meaning to visit. Spend the weekend going on hikes, visiting the beach, or finding all the dog-friendly stores in town for shopping.

Get Your Partner In On The Training

If your dog is good at picking up new tricks, you and your partner might want to try and teach them something together. If your pup already has the basics down like rolling over and playing fetch, try to master something unique like a hand shake or high five.

Start An Instagram For Your Pup

If you don't already have an Instagram for your dog, start one now. It's a fun way to share all the cute pics you take of your pup, and helps you free up some space on your phone. Share the login info with your partner, so they can also be in charge of adding posts and updating the story when your dog does something adorable. Don't forget to take a group pic.

Road Trip To A National Park

If your dog loves going to the park, why not visit a big one? Go on a road trip with bae and your pup to a nearby national park if they allow pets. Not only are you visiting a gorgeous destination and getting a ton of good pics for the 'Gram, but you'll have fun bonding in the car on the way there.

Snap A Family Portrait For The Holidays

If one of your traditions is to send out a holiday card of you and your pup, invite your partner to join this year. Get matching holiday sweaters for all three of you, and send the best pic out to your friends.

Co-Host Your Dog's Birthday Pawty

When your dog's birthday time rolls around, throw them a pawty. Have your partner co-host with you, so they can get in on the fun. Get a dog-friendly cake or some Pupcakes from Sprinkles for the furry guests to enjoy.

Have A Friday Movie Night Tradition

Sometimes, all you need for some bonding is a simple weekly tradition. It could be dinner together or going on long walks — but who doesn't love a cozy night in? Host Friday nights at your place where you can cuddle up on the couch. Bonding might happen in no time. Also, it may give you a few picture-perfect moments of your bae and your pup snuggling that you'll want to capture for the 'Gram.

Have A Picnic At A Dog Park

If your dog loves going to the park, plan a picnic one day. Pack a lunch for you and bae, and something dog-friendly for your pup to enjoy. Don't forget to bring a Frisbee for your dog and partner to play together.

Do Doga — Aka Dog Yoga — Together

Working out can be a really fun bonding activity. Luckily, there's doga. It's yoga with your dog. It's becoming more popular, and you can find classes like DogaFit near you that you and bae can sign up for.