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These Virtual Escape Rooms Are A Rad Adventure You Can Take At Home

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If you've ever wanted to try an escape room, but would much rather do so from the comfort (and, let's be honest, free will) of your home, you're in luck. Like the world's most iconic museums and stunning parks, you can now adventure around an escape room with just a laptop and internet connection. Warm up with some coffee and a basic puzzle app on your phone. Then, get ready for some quality fun. The best virtual escape rooms have entered the chat, and they're more than ready to challenge your crew.

Let's talk about how they typically work, so you know what to expect. These virtual escape rooms are similar to what you'd experience IRL. They bring you through a set of puzzles that you have to solve in order to advance, and a storyline that's supposed to be cracked within a certain period of time. Some of them are free and can be accessed at any time, while others require you to pay to participate, and ask that a minimum of three or so players are involved. In addition, some come with a magical theme or a subscription box that'll really upgrade your gameplay.

To start, simply toss on some comfy clothes, gather up your friends, and book one of these nine virtual escape rooms.

Puzzle Break's "The Grimm Escape"
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First up, try out Puzzle Break's "The Grimm Escape." Work with your best friends via Zoom to crack this case, and be treated to a live host. To play, you must a book a time slot online and pay a $25 per person fee. Book a spot now, OK? They're going fast.

The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Fans of Harry Potter's magical world will adore The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. Created by Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania, it puts you in the shoes of a first-year Hogwarts student who's learning spells and how to use a wand. According to, this escape room is free.

Mystery Escape Room's Online Adventures

Mystery Escape Room made original escape rooms you can play with your friends or coworkers when you're looking to do some team building. Simply go to their website and pick between the different options such as the Nancy Drew-themed virtual room or superhero one. Be sure to book a time and pay the #necessary fee, too.

Escape The Crate's "Midnight Express"

Grab a pencil and some paper, and get the clock app on your phone ready to go. Escape The Crate's "Midnight Express" is about to send you through time and into a different reality. If you choose to play, be prepared to meet Abraham Lincoln free of charge and sneakily gather evidence.

Expedition Escape's "Bank Heist"
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Have you ever been to Expedition Escape in the Greater Philadelphia area? If not, then you can still enjoy their "Bank Heist" virtual escape room online, and for free. The escape room should take you around 20 minutes, and will require a calculator. It'll put you into the role of a safe cracker who's made for wrapping up a team's unfinished job.

Murfreesboro Escape Rooms' "Magnum Opus"

Gather up everyone in your group chat for the Murfreesboro Escape Rooms' "Magnum Opus." This Tennessee-based spot is only charing $30 for a group of up to eight people to be part of their online escape room. The best part? Each team gets a gift card to use at the actual location when they reopen for travelers and escape room lovers.

Enchambered's Escape Room Puzzles And Games

If you're into any kind of puzzle or escape-style game, then go to Enchambered's online selection. This escape room location has all sorts of puzzles you can tackle from the comfort of your couch, including a two-player escape room. Call up your long-distance best friend and play from wherever you two are in the world.

Know Escape's Online Escape Rooms

Have you ever dreamed of doing an escape room with people from around the world? Know Escape, located in the UK, is making your dreams a reality. Each room costs 55 pounds, and must be booked in order to play. Book your time slot and then get ready to battle villains or intense storylines.

Paruzal's Live Online Escape Rooms
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Last but not least is Paruzal's live online escape rooms. They're designed to put you in charge of a pizzeria or help you sneak in the backstage area of a Bruce Springsteen concert. The stories that go along with these escape rooms are truly so unique, and if you book a time slot, you'll be sent a Zoom link and a sweet chance to have an adventure at home.