9 Dream Millennial Travel Destinations That You Need On Your Radar For Right Now

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Being a millennial means a few things. You likely remember when the first iPod came out, and when scrunchies were the next best thing. You've explained a meme to your dad, or the phrase "the struggle is real." But most importantly, you're obsessed with traveling, and it shows. You have itineraries noted in your phone, a passport that's always renewed, and a suitcase packed and ready to go. All you really need are some of the best millennial travel destinations — the places that aren't even on your radar yet. *Cue the gasps.* Shocking, I know.

You see, currently, your bucket list is full of experiences and excursions that you saw on Instagram. You want to go on a walking tour of the colorful walls on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, or the castles in Prague that look picture-perfect. Then, you want to bask under the palm trees and sunshine in Tulum, and swim in the blue waters of the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Last but not least, you want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

That's all well-worth your time and money. But, don't limit yourself to just what everyone else has seen and done. Expand your bucket list, follow your wanderlust, and keep that love affair with travel alive and well. Start by putting these nine destinations for millennials on your radar and booking a plane ticket to them, like right now.

Brooklyn, New York
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First things first: Let's talk about New York City. For dreamers, travelers, and millennials, this city is everything and more. It has incredibly good pizza, beautiful skyscrapers, and the most iconic spots from Sex and the City. What more could you ask for?

But, aside from Times Square and Rockefeller Center, you really want to turn your attention to Brooklyn. This borough is full of artsy places where you can get a good 'Gram. Simply cross the bridge from Manhattan, and walk around the cozy neighborhoods lined with red-stoned buildings and underrated nightlife. It'll be so worth the trip.

Salt Lake City, Utah
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The next destination to add to your bucket list is Salt Lake City, Utah. This city might not be as fast-paced as New York City, but you'll love it for its own unique charm and natural beauty.

During the day, you can catch a movie or check out one of the local breweries. If you're feeling adventurous, just outside of the city are so many state and national parks that you won't want to miss out on, especially if you're into hiking or the outdoors.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Maybe one of your friends visited this city on your latest spring break, and raved about the pastel-colored mansions in the French Quarter — or maybe you heard about the amazing food and drink while watching your favorite shows on Food Network. Either way, you sort of know that New Orleans should be on your bucket list. It's a beautiful place that will be worth all the walking and clearing extra space on your camera roll.

Lagos, Portugal
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As a millennial who's also obsessed with traveling, there's one destination in Euorpe that's currently on the top of my bucket list: Lagos, Portugal. This destination has a little bit of everything, from beaches that stretch as far as the eye can sea, to quaint restaurants in every square.

If and when you visit, you'll want to allow lots of time for exploring around Ponta da Piedade. You could take a boat tour around the grottos and in between the large rock formations, or just soak up the sun and views from the sand.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy
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Not to be cheesy, but out of all the countries and places I've been to, Italy truly stole a pizza my heart. It wasn't just the authentic tomato sauce perfectly mixed into homemade pasta, or the cones of gelato. No, it was the effortless beauty of this country, and feeling at home no matter where I went or who I talked to.

For a millennial traveler, this kind of experience and feeling is a dream. Truth is, you don't want to just see the latest and greatest sights and then leave. You want to live like a local! Do yourself a favor, and stay in the Amalfi Coast, if even for just a few days. It's everything you're looking for — pinky promise.

Nice, France
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Situated in the French Riviera, this city is tropical and European all at the same time. (Um, sign me up for a flight here, please!)

Start experiencing the best things Nice has to offer by spending a day at the beach or touring around Castle Hill. Then, finish off your day with a fresh, home-cooked dinner made with produce from a local market. It'll feel like a movie from beginning to end.

Bali, Indonesia
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Bali may or may not be on your radar, thanks to your favorite travel influencers. It's one of the destinations Julia Roberts visits in Eat Pray Love, and the dreamy place where people swing on rope swings and swim in hidden coves, too.

Either way, though, it should be on your bucket list — especially if you're a millennial who's obsessed with travel. The truth is, Bali is super cheap to get to. The flight is long and can be expensive if you don't book it advance or during an off-peak time of the year. But, accommodations are extremely affordable and it's worth being on a plane for almost 24 hours.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is almost as busy and bustling as New York City — Insta-worthy spots included. Start by touring the markets and checking out the rooftop bars. Like any trip you've taken, this one will be full of amazing food and drink, and you'll probably want to try Vegemite for the first time.

Tokyo, Japan

The last destination for your millennial bucket list is Tokyo, Japan. Once again, this destination will require a long flight, but the true traveler and adventurer in you won't mind one bit — especially when you see and experience the electric energy of such a modern city.

At some point, your intense love affair with travel may fade or you may not be as excited to hop on a plane and go elsewhere. So, getting these destinations on your radar and going to them is necessary, like now.