These Swag Bag Ideas For Guests At Your Destination Wedding Are Seriously Lit

If you've planned a destination wedding, you should be stoked as hell. Of course, your friends and family are excited to go to any lengths to see you get married to the love of your life, and you're going to reward them with unforgettable memories — so don't sleep on epic party favors. There are so many cool knickknacks you could think of for destination wedding goodie bag ideas, because you're basically giving your guests the prime excuse to take a mini vacay.

No matter the age norm of the crowd, goodie bags will always be a highly-anticipated factor of any traditional gathering. It's like a little bag of fun that surprises you with trinkets, all while you're celebrating a close friend or family member tying the knot. The trick to an awesome goodie bag is to make them so unique and entertaining, that whenever your guests look at one of the items, they immediately think of you and your special day.

A destination wedding already has everyone at a heightened level of excitement. It's not every day you get to travel to see someone you care about get married. Piggyback on those happy vibes your guests will have, and send their feels to new heights with a goodie bag filled with any of these trinkets.

"Are We There Yet?" Baggage Tags, Because Traveling Is A Waiting Game

BagPatch Luggage Tags, $8, Amazon

When your guest have to fly back home, help them out with a little signature baggage tag. These things are heaven-sent when you are trying to distinguish your bag from another bag that looks exactly like it. The lime green will be a giveaway.

Palm Tree Leaves Pair Well With A Nice Cold One

Palm Leaves Party Huggers, $6+, Etsy

The only downside about having an ice cold beverage is not being able to hold onto it for so long. These adorable tropical sleeves will be that little piece of paradise your guests get to take home with them. There's no doubt they'll be used countless times after the wedding.

Everyone Will Slay Those Group Pics With A Selfie Stick

Smartphone Selfie Wand, $5, Amazon

Imagine all of the amazing group shot roundups you'll have if all of your guests get one of these babies in their bag? There's more than one way to capture a wedding, and you'll have all of your bases covered. They might even outdo the professional photographer.

Compass Coasters To Navigate Those Sips
Beau Coup

Compass Cork Coasters, $2 - $3, Beau Coup

Cork coasters are super stylish and will complement the wine glasses your guests have at home. These corks look so vintage, don't they? The compass is a cute reminder that they traveled to share your special day with you.

Mini Portable Fans Operated By Your Phone

Breeze Portable Mini Phone Fan, $18, Etsy

Don't let that price deter you. These gems come in a package of six and are compatible with several iPhone and Android models. When your guests are a little too hot chilling on the beach, they might just need to plug their resourceful fans into their phones for a refreshing breeze.

Waterproof Cases Mean More Splish Splashin'

Waterproof Cases, $14, Amazon

Having a destination wedding usually means you and your guests are about to be up close and personal with the ocean. There's absolutely no FOMO when it comes to accidentally dropping your phone into the water. Gift your guests with a little peace of mind with one of these waterproof cases.

Adorable Mini Suitcases Filled With A Candy Of Your Choice

Wedding Travel Theme Candy Boxes Favors, $18, Etsy

These mini suitcases are so freaking cute. You can fill them with candy such as jelly beans, skittles, mini M&Ms, or whatever your heart desires. This is really sticking to the idea of the travel involved in making your special day come to life.

Pineapple Eye Masks, So That Slumber Is Just As Sweet

Cartoon Sketch Pineapples Seamless Pattern Sleep Mask, $8, Amazon

It might be hard to sleep for you because you have such a big day ahead, but your guests need to catch some Z's so that they can really ring in the festivities with you. These sleep masks can be used while laying out on the beach as well. Pineapples have such a tropical vibe and are essential for your big day.

No matter where your wedding takes you, don't forget the people who are willing to follow you anywhere to witness your special day. Your journey is their journey, too.