8 Traditions To Start With Your Pet ASAP, Because Who's Sweeter Than They Are?

They're furry, they're adorable, and they're always ready to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. I'm quite pawsitive that your pet is the perfect companion you could have ever asked for. We would give the sun, moon, and all of the stars to our cat or dog if we knew it was possible. Any pet you have deserves all the love in the world from you — and you don't need convincing from me. You know it's true, and you would probbaly drop everything just to make your pet feel special. That's why you need these traditions to start with your pet as soon as possible.

Traditions are a nice way for family and friends to get together and spend some valuable time with each other. You probably have a ton of traditions you cherish throughout the year, from hosting a potluck Friendsgiving party, to going out someplace special for dinner on your birthday. When you think of your loved ones, your pet comes to mind, too, so you need traditions to show them they are just as much part of your family. Actually, these eight traditions will make your furry friend feel totally loved. It's like the ultimate belly rub or chin scratch. Not only will your pet love spending time with you, but you will love sharing these memories with them.

Go On A Summer Getaway

We all need a vacation every once in awhile — even your precious pet. It might be difficult to travel out of town with your dog or cat, but it's not impossible. There are a ton of homes on Airbnb that are pet-friendly. Check out one of them, or book a weekend at a hotel that allows furry friends.

Pack all of your favorite treats, plan a spa day, or go on hikes, if that's what your pet loves. It's a fun excuse to get out of town and explore new places on your bucket list together.

Take A Holiday Photo To Send To Friends And Family
Rachel Chapman

I'm a big fan of holiday cards. They don't even have to be ones you send out in the mail. A fun family pic sent out to your friends via text wishing them a Happy Holidays from you and your pet will work just as well. Have fun dressing up as elves, and really getting into the holiday spirit. You'll most likely want to outdo yourself every year with more outrageous sweaters and silly decorations, but it's totally worth it!

Make Your Sweet Companion A Birthday Dinner Fit For A King Or Queen

A birthday is a great excuse to party and celebrate the world being made a million times better by your pet being born. Treat them with a fancy AF meal just for them. Look for some recipes on YouTube to make at home. Then, set up a dinner table for them, so your pet truly feels like royalty for their special day.

Gift Them A Brand New Holiday Sweater Every Year
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Who doesn't love a good holiday sweater? Gift your pet a brand new, cozy sweater every year. Their closet will be looking so fly in just about no time. Go for a witty design, or pick out something more traditional, like plaid. Whatever you decide to gift your fur bae, they'll be warm and super fashionable throughout the winter.

Take Back To School Photos In The Fall

We kind of dreaded it every year — school picture day. But now, we love revisiting our throwback pics. Bring back that tradition of back to school pictures with a photoshoot of your pet in the fall. I mean, you probably hop on any excuse to take pics with your furry best friend, so this is a purrfect tradition to start.

Make Them Your Valentine, Even If You Have A Bae
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You and I know perfectly well that despite having a bae on Valentine's Day, our hearts truly belong to our pets. We don't need to tell our SO, because secretly, deep down — they know as well. Every Feb. 14, make sure to give your furry Valentine a treat to remind them they are your whole heart.

Spend Fourth Of July At Home, Cuddling

Fireworks can be pretty stressful for your pet at home. That's why spending holidays like Fourth of July and even New Years at home with them can help calm them down. Take that opportunity to make new holiday traditions, such as cooking a special meal for you two and cuddling up while watching some of your fave movies.

Plan A Designated Friend And Pet Date Every Month
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Plan a day at least once a month where you just spend the entire day or night in with your pet. Feel free to invite your friends over with their furry friends as well (if the pets get along together). Pick out some of your favorite flicks to watch on TV, make it a potluck, and get everyone's favorite treats to snack on.

Your pet will appreciate the extra shower of attention and cuddles. You will appreciate the relaxing night in spent with your furry best friend.