The Best Pets To Get When You're Single & In Need Of A Sweet Furever Friend

You're single AF and might be in need of a companion who you don't have to argue with for not calling when they said they would. Animals, which we seriously don't deserve, are the greatest friends to add to your inner circle, and are some of the cutest creatures alive. Not being in a relationship can be temporary, but snagging one of the best pets to get when you're single will create a bond that will last a lifetime.

Coming home to a furry friend who is always excited to see you is one of the best feelings on Earth. They don't ask for anything, but metaphorically and literally, they give you everything that you need. They're selfless as hell, huh? They'll teach you to love, appreciation, and how to be responsible for someone other than yourself. It won't feel like a chore, though, because their adorable devotion and loyalty to you would make you genuinely want to do absolutely anything for them.

On the upside, being single is a time to recollect and tune in to who you are and what you want. An adorable animal will help you along the way and can cuddle better than anyone else. Your spirit animal, literally, is out there waiting to be your friend. You just need to paws and look.

A Husky
welcomet0nature on Twitter

Besides from being absolutely gorgeous animals, huskies are great for anyone who loves outdoor adventures and trails. Since you're single, you no longer have to call someone up on a Saturday morning and see if they wanna tag along for a hike. Your pup is already at the door with their leash in their mouth, waiting for you to join them.

A Teacup Pig
alexabliss_wwe on Twitter

Since the first mini pigs started popping up on the Internet, we all wanted to welcome one of our own into our lives. Make sure that you are in a location that allows you to have one of these cuties. There are zoning regulations depending on where you live, because they aren't the norm like having a cat or a dog as a pet. The first step is doing your research.

An Abyssinian Cat
_shadesofblonde on Twitter

Normally, cats are known to be self-reliant, and unless you're into that whole, "feed me and and change my litter box only," thing, you'll need to be mindful about the breed. Abyssinian cats are known to be incredibly playful. They only get to be about six to nine pounds and their fur coats are so, so distinct and pretty.

A Golden Retreiver
cuteemergency on Twitter

You probably saw this coming, but golden retrievers are loyal AF. If you get a pup, you'll feel like they seemingly grow everyday, and before you know it, you have a full grown dog running beside you at the beach. Again, all dogs are still individuals, but hopefully yours likes the water.

A Bengal Cat
purringtonpost on Twitter

Bengals cats look like an animal you'd picked up right off of the Discovery Channel. They're beautiful, and their fur coat can seem a little exotic. They happen to be incredibly warmhearted and active. In other words, you won't have to beg for their attention.

A Mini Rex Rabbit
laurenkatep on Twitter

OK, maybe you're not ready to have a super active pet that you have to take on walks, but you still want a furry friend for when you're home. Mini rex rabbits have the cutest ears and are inquisitive and affectionate. They're the perfect Netflix and chill buddies.

A Sweet Animal At A Shelter
mooseheart1913 on Twitter

Animals at shelters don't have a choice whether they're alone or not. No matter what the circumstances were that lead to their arrival at a shelter, they don't ask to be there. Being single and picking out an animal who doesn't have a permanent home of their own will give you this feeling that you're both about to give it your all, so that neither of you feels alone anymore. That trust and love is the real deal.