8 Traditions To Start With Your Freshman Year Friends This Fall

You're doing fall totally different this year, because this time around, you're an incoming freshman in college. It's an exciting new chapter of your life, and you're already thinking about all the fun you'll have. The first friends you make in college will be a group of people you'll never forget. There are traditions to start with freshman year friends this semester that'll keep you guys super close during this milestone.

Aside from all of the movies about college and advice you've heard about it, the next four years are truly yours for the taking. Living it up with your friend group is a must, and it'll help you learn so much about yourself and them in the process. Your traditions don't have to be anything extravagant, because the life of a college student involves balling on a budget for the majority of the time.

These traditions can be small, but they'll teach you to celebrate and appreciate the little things with people you enjoy being around. These are the kind of traditions you'll look back on as you're walking across the stage accepting your diploma. Those days seem so far away, but with any of these eight traditions with your friends, time is going to fly by.

Taco Tuesdays In Your Dorm

A Taco Tuesday tradition can be so much fun (and delicious) for you and your freshman friends to start together. Old El Paso sells adorable, edible tortilla boats if you want to mix things up and get fancy with your tacos. A tradition like this one will bring on those "home away from home" vibes for sure.

Coffee Dates At Your Favorite Spot On Campus

What is fall without enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte with your main squeezes? If there's one day of the week where you all share the same break time, meet at the quad or by the library and enjoy the flavors of the season together. Friends who sip together, stick together.

Themed Movie Nights

There's so much you can do with a movie night. You can have a theme that's scary for Halloween, or base the evening around romantic comedies that'll put all of you in your feelings. Either way, movie nights will make your little group of friends feel more like family. Don't forget the popcorn and appropriate movie snacks!


BYOBG stands for "bring your own baked goods." Clever, right? You can have everyone prepare the baked goods in your dorm on a Sunday afternoon, or bring them from their favorite bakeries, and then you can all swap and enjoy these yummy sweets together.

A Girls' Night Out

Yes, you are just getting started with your college routine, but you ladies need to have some periodic fun as well. Find those hole-in-the wall hot spots to dance the night away, and trendy restaurants to splurge on cheese boards. You and your girls could use some bonding time that doesn't involve a book or chilling in your dorms.

Library Dates

The first year will certainly be a transitional one as you get into the swing of things. When those big tests come along, you and your friend group can have library dates. It's crunch time, and you'll need the support of your friends — and cheesy bread — to get through it.

Game Night

I can't stress enough that your freshman year friends will likely become your family, which means a game night is in order. Whip out Twister and Scrabble, or if anyone has a game system in their room, that'll work as well. A game night is a perfect time to unplug and get interactive with your crew.

A Group Halloween Costume

You can't think about fall without considering that it's Halloween season. You and your freshman year friends can carry out this group costume every year. I'm sure you guys will come up with some really creative ideas.

Your freshman year is going to be filled with plenty of firsts. Let any of these traditions be the ones you start with your new besties.