8 Times You've Almost Peed Your Pants Laughing With Your Bestie

There's nothing better than giggling until your stomach hurts with your best friend. Even the smallest things can start a laugh session that the two of you can't escape without doing the "about to pee my pants" wiggles. Looking back on all of the times you've almost peed your pants laughing with your BFF will remind you of just how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Your inside jokes are downright hilarious, and you're making new ones every time the two of you hang out. You're so close that even one peculiar look at her can trigger those random laughing fits in the middle of a crowded street. Real talk: How did you two get to be so funny?

Laughter is good for the soul, and you can always count on some sort of giggling to go down when you're with your forever friend. You laugh at each other, because you don't take life so seriously. When one of you is feeling blue, the other is acting like a total fool to get you to crack a smile and cheer up. Just call her your comedic relief in human form, because you guys are on a different level of funny. So, I shouldn't have to remind you that these are eight times you'll forever be darting for the bathroom with your bestie.

When Your Inside Joke Is Said At The Absolute Perfect Time

Your inside jokes stem from the random things that have happened when you're together. Being able to bring those inside jokes up in your everyday life is what you live for. When one of you drops an inside jokes in public, you two are the girls hunched over trying not to recline to the floor.

When You Both Trip Over The Same Spot On The Sidewalk

Tripping and catching yourself is hilarious. Who put that bump in the sidewalk, anyway? Synchronized tripping with your bestie means you both stare at each other for a second in disbelief — and then hurl into loud cackling.

When She Claps Back At Someone Who's Being Rude AF

Comebacks are comedy, especially when the person on the other end deserves it. You mostly laugh at their face because they weren't expecting that clapback to be so on point. The wit is always oh-so-real with your bestie.

When You Two Pull A Prank On One Of Your Other Friends

I mean, is she really your bestie if you haven't coordinated an epic prank or two with her? Scaring the crap out of your other friend or prank-calling them is more up your alley. You're laughing about it for days afterwards.

When You Have Your Own Little Marathon Of Watching YouTube Videos

Oh, YouTube videos. You can never truly watch just one, but you don't mind falling down that video rabbit hole with your bestie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Watching funny videos is how you bond (along with fighting over who gets first dibs on the bathroom).

When You Look At Old Pictures Of Yourselves

Seriously, though: What were those bangs you were trying to rock in high school?! Who knows, but you and your bestie have spent plenty of hours laughing at your former fashion choices. Cracking open an old yearbook is grounds for an endless amount of giggling and ugly cries.

When Either Of You Mimics Someone So Well

Has your BFF imitated your dad to a T? You have to do a double take to make sure it's not really your dad in the room. She practically loses it whenever you mimic your boss or old high school chemistry teacher, too.

When You Say Something Inappropriate At The Worst Time

Hey, everyone's a grown-up here. Sometimes, those inappropriate things are freaking hilarious when they're said at the wrong time. (You know, those random "that's what she said" jokes that are applicable, but totally should not apply.) It's funny stuff.

Laughing never gets old with your best friend. It's one of the highlights of your friendship.