8 Amazing Things Your Siblings Taught You That You Won't Admit Until Your 20s

Growing up, your siblings may have gotten on your nerves, borrowed things without asking, and tattled on you to your parents, but you know deep down that you're forever grateful to have them in your life. They were your first BFFs, and the people you feel most like yourself when they're around. There are even things your siblings teach you that are invaluable life lessons you keep close in your 20s, and hold onto forever.

Of course, your pride would have never let you admit how much help they were to you growing up. However, now that you're in your 20s, you can finally speak your truth. I've definitely noticed that my relationship with my sister has only improved now that we're in our 20s. We used to fight a lot — as sisters do — when we were kids. It wasn't until she went off to college when I realized how much of a best friend she was to me. Now, we are the closest we've ever been, even though we live long-distance.

As my older sister, she definitely taught me a lot that may not have been very obvious to me at the time. Now, I'm very aware and proud to admit that I'm a better person because of these eight things my sister showed me. You may notice the same life lessons you received from your siblings, and it's finally time to send them a little "thank you" text to show how much you care.

How To Forgive And Know When To Apologize

Siblings will bicker here and there, but you can never stay mad at your brother or sister for very long. They are your family for life, so you learn how important it is to forgive. You also quickly learn the best ways to apologize when you know you're the one at fault. They're the reason why you're the one everyone goes to in your friend group when any problems arise to help make everything better.

That Great Memories Are Truly Priceless
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You may have had the worst sunburn of your life and remember getting salt water in your eyes, but the memories of going to the beach as kids with your siblings are priceless. Your brothers and sisters are constant reminders that it's best to live in the moment. They are also still the best people to talk to when the nostalgia is all too real, and you need a trip down Memory Lane.

How To Share With Care

Having siblings means you likely had to share a lot of things growing up, including toys and clothes. Although, there is a difference between just sharing and sharing with care.

You know how important it is to treat everyone's belongings like they are your own. You'll never forget the time you borrowed your sister's sweater and spilled juice all over it, and she'll definitely never let you forget it.

How To Be Strong And Stand Your Ground

You and your siblings definitely had your fair share of fights over things, like who controlled the remote and who picked what restaurant to go to. Even though looking back now and realizing how lame it was to get upset over what TV show you watched on a Thursday night, you realize that those little fights made you a much stronger person.

You learned the important lesson of standing your ground. You use this now to fight for important things in life, like the job title you deserve and the respect you should get out of any relationship.

The Importance Of Compromise
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If you have many siblings, there was likely a lot of compromise going on in your household growing up. You constantly had to fight for your choice. (I know this is especially true being the baby of the family.) As annoying as it might have been, you learned the importance of finding a happy medium for everyone, and apply that to your relationships today.

That Some Things Really Aren't As Bad As They May Seem
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I'll admit I can be a little bit of a drama queen when things don't go my way. We've all likely been there before, but having my sister around to bring me back down to Earth has been so valuable. I know that even on my worst days, things really aren't as bad as they seem. She gives me the perspective I need to focus on the positives.

How To Be A Good Friend
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Your siblings are your first best friends in the world. Therefore, they really are the ones to teach you how to be a good friend. They taught you how important it is to keep a secret, and how to be a good listener when someone needs to vent. They were always there when you needed them, and through this greatest example, you strive to be more like them in every relationship you have.

How To Share The Spotlight
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As much as I like to believe the world revolves around me, I know it's not true. Having a sister forced me to share the spotlight, and be humble about it. Whether you have one sister or five, you know how to fight for the attention you deserve, but also celebrate someone else's wins.