Does Your Bestie Do These Little Things For You? If She Does, Keep Her Forever

How can you not look over at your BFF, sigh, and think about how blessed you are to have this gem in your life? She's one of the most precious things, and your world is complete with her. There's no limit to the things your best friend does, and the respect and love you have for her is just as infinite.

From those impromptu "rosé all day" afternoons, to ugly crying on your sofa watching your favorite romantic comedies, some of your greatest memories involve her. You two can be doing the smallest things together and have so much fun. And when it comes to doing things for each other, you both do it with ease.

Life's about the little things, so you definitely have to take the time out to acknowledge and appreciate every single thing she does. Your BFF knows you so well that many times she's supplying you with things you didn't even think you needed at the time. Yeah, she's the realest of MVPs, and she sets the bar high for what you consider to be BFF material. And who needs a bunch of those, anyway? You know you've got yourself a gem if your BFF has done any of these eight things.

She Sends Care Packages If You're Long-Distance

Do you have a long-distance BFF? Well, chances are, you've received more than one package reminding you how much she wishes you were around. These care packages range from little trinkets or pics of you two together. She might even take a random trip to you and call that a care package.

She Has No Problem Being A Third Wheel On A Date You're Nervous About Going On

Are you super nervous about a date and need a familiar face to take the edge off? Your BFF is there to help. Whether she's right by your side at the dinner table, or acting like she's riding solo at a nearby table, she has your back. A bestie's gotta do what a bestie's gotta do!

She Gives You The Best Pep Talks

Pep talks work wonders. You know this to be true if you've already slayed an interview because of a few uplifting words from your main girl. Interviews can be really terrifying, but once your BFF gets to talking, you seriously feel like you can conquer the world.

She Lets You Borrow Her Clothes When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Wear

Even as you stand in front of a closet full of clothes, you can truly feel like you have nothing to wear. Your BFF is more than happy to let you raid her closet. She's probably already pulling out suggestions as you finish your last sentence. And boy, does she have your style down to a science.

She Celebrates Your Accomplishments, Big Or Small

Did you finally kick that clinger friend to the curb, or recently got a promotion at work? Your BFF is at your door with balloons and your favorite bottle of wine to celebrate. It doesn't matter how small or large your milestone is, she's right there to acknowledge it and soak up those glorious moments with you.

She Holds Your Spot In Line, So You Can Grab One More Thing Before You Check Out

Talk about a ride or die. Just when you though you got everything you wanted in your favorite store, you lock eyes with a cute sundress you totally missed. Luckily, your BFF will hold your spot in that long line so you don't risk losing your place. She really is the best person ever.

She Gives You A Wake-Up Call Whenever You're Out Late The Night Before

OK, those late nights with your bestie don't always land on the most convenient of days. Sometime before you hit up that second happy hour, though, your BFF promised to call, text, or shout if she needed to, so that you could be up and ready the next day. Sure, you were tired AF, but thanks to her, you didn't wake up late for work.

She Reverses The Side Effects Of A Bad Day

Bad days happen and are out of our control. On those days, you want to stay in bed and repel everyone and everything. Your BFF saves the day, though. Whether she's sending you funny videos or reminding you of a hilarious thing you two experienced together, you start to feel so much better once she works her magic.

You don't know where you'd be without your bestie. She's your right hand chick for a reason.