8 Surprising Things You Learn From Your Younger Siblings Once They're Adulting

The relationship you have with your siblings is a unique one. Depending on when you were born, that's the role you're given for the rest of your life. As the oldest, you're looked up to as the leader and role model of the crew. You experience many things first, and therefore, you're able to offer some really great insight on life's monumental moments and situations. You thought the teaching phase passed once everyone grew up, but there are actually still things you learn from your younger siblings once they're adulting.

I don't need to remind you, because you know first-hand that adulting can be quite the challenge at times. You're trying to maintain some kind of balance between crushing it at your job, while also having fun with your friends in your 20s. (Also, don't get me started on having to keep yourself in check with doing chores.) It's a lot to have on your plate, but you've gotten the hang of it.

Now that your siblings are in their 20s, it's their turn. You thought you'd have to take the leadership role again to show them the ropes, and explain all things adulthood to them. However, you never expected your younger siblings to be the ones teaching you some things along the way as well.

How To Be A Patient Leader
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Growing up, you were the leader who showed your siblings the way. Now that everyone's in their 20s, you're trying to be that great leader once again.

As much as you'd like to make the process as easy as possible, you know that adulting calls for some unexpected curveballs along the way. You quickly learn how to be patient, and guide your siblings through any road blocks they may face, even if you haven't experienced them before.

The True Importance Of Making New Memories

You and your siblings might live long-distance, or you may live close, but still have your own commitments going on. That makes the time you're able to spend together so much more special. You may only get to see your siblings once or twice a year for holidays, so this teaches you how important it is to make new memories with them when you can.

How To Properly Manage Your Time
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With everyone having their own work schedules, you really have to work hard at finding a time to get together. You've become a master at time management and organizing your weekly planner. You don't get much free time, so you want to use it wisely.

How To Be A Good Cheerleader, No Matter What

In high school, you and your siblings may have shown interest in the same kinds of sports or clubs, so you always knew exactly how to cheer them on. Now, your siblings may have gone down different career paths that might be uncharted territory for you. That's when they teach you what kind of support system they need to pursue their dreams.

Communication And Staying In Touch Is So Important

You and your siblings used to live right down the hall from each other, but now, you might be miles away. Not only is there the distance you're dealing with, but all of you also have your own priorities during the week. That's why it's so important to stay in touch in a group chat that you check into regularly.

You Can't Always Protect Them From Everything

When you were kids, you could protect your siblings on the playground if anyone tried to snag their pudding bites or exclude them from a game. (Not cool!) Now that they're on their own, you can't always protect them from everything. You have to just be there for them by being a simple phone call away.

They Are A Great Ego Boost
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You may feel like you're struggling to establish a solid work-life balance as an adult. However, to your younger siblings, you look like you have everything figured out. Every time you feel like things aren't playing out the way you hoped they would, your siblings are a great ego boost to remind you that you're doing just fine.

The Importance Of Making Time For Your Family
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As you grow up, you realize that family is the most important thing. You go from being together all the time, to maybe only seeing each other a few times a year. So, as your younger siblings go off and do their own thing, it becomes very clear to you that you have to prioritize your family. Maybe that means FaceTiming more or being more active in the family group chat.