8 Things You Should Master By Yourself In College To Feel Like A Grown-Up

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There's nothing like college to give you a taste of adulthood. For the first time ever, you're out on your own, away from home, and making all the calls. That means no more relying on your parents to help out with the laundry or wake you up in the morning. So, if you're not really prepared, the struggle can be all too real at times — and you'll be late for class, too. That's why there are some things to master in college that'll make you feel like a true adult.

You may still be figuring it all out, and that's totally OK. Believe me, it took a few months to finally feel comfortable standing on my own freshman year of college. Of course, I still called my mom to update her on my life, but I was also getting stuff done like a boss.

Think of it like any new role or job you accept. You'll be taking on a lot of responsibilities at once, but pretty soon, it'll feel normal. Unfortunately, there's no textbook or adulting 101 lecture to sign up for, but as long as you can master these eight obstacles you may run into in college, you'll likely be set (and will feel extremely accomplished, too).

Setting Up A Chore Schedule
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You won't have your parents around to remind you to pick up after yourself and to do your laundry. The only way things are going to get done, is if you do them!

Set up a weekly chore schedule, and stick to it. Don't think of it as work — instead, make it fun by organizing things like a laundry night with your roomies, complete with pizza and a pump-up playlist.

Staying On Top Of Your Weekly Budget

College may be the first time you get your very own own credit card. You really don't want to end up with any kind of debt, so it may be best to set up your own weekly budget plan. When the bills roll in, you'll be really glad you did.

Learning How To Share A Space With Your Roomie
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You may have had your own room at home, but in the dorms, you'll likely share a space with someone else. Learning to be respectful and knowing how to share is something you'll soon want to master. It'll prep you for any future roommate situation you may end up in, and also help you form solid forever friendships.

Navigating The Grocery Store Like A Pro

Grocery shopping can be a total nightmare if you're not prepared. Go in without a list, and you're sure to forget something that you really needed. It's not as easy as just showing up with a cart, and the true grocery store master knows that.

Becoming A Master In The Kitchen

I will preface this by saying I'm not a pro chef at all, but I am able to whip something up if I need to. You can't rely on family dinners, takeout, and dining halls forever. You'll want to be able to master a few yummy recipes. They can even be things as easy as pancakes and mac 'n' cheese. (Those are my personal specialties.)

Applying For A Job

You might have had a few part-time jobs in high school, but now, you may want something that's relevant to your field of study. Along with getting your first job in college, you'll also want to work on your resume building and interviewing skills. They only get better with time and practice!

Designing Your Own Dorm Room

Having your first home away from home allows you to do whatever you want with it. Consider your dorm room as a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated by you. This is your chance to find out what you, as an adult, like and want to show off to the world.

Waking Up Early On Your Own
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Pressing the snooze button is so tempting, but when you don't have your parents there to make sure you rise and shine, you really need to avoid it. (Running late to or missing your first early-morning lecture would be a true nightmare.)

I'm not saying you need to become an early riser to feel like an adult, but you'll have to take responsibility in knowing when you really need to just get out of bed.