8 Cute Sorority Dates To Plan With Your Little This Fall When You're Both Broke AF

As much as our friendships are rich, college life certainly brings on a different kind of financial highs and lows. Having a little in your sorority is amazing, but sometimes, you may have to come up with innovative ways to spend time together because you're ballin' on a budget. There are many things to do with your sorority little, and each one will still be fun because the two of you together is just a riot.

College has a way of making us utilize our creative skills when our wallets are playing one tune — broke. No matter, money could definitely buy material things, but it can't necessarily make those cherished moments happen. That part is up to you and your little.

Even if you are working with just a little bit or nothing at all for the moment, there are ways to work around this seemingly systematic cycle of broke-ness that plagues us in college. There are a lot of avenues you could explore, and it'll probably be even more adventurous with your little right by your side, experiencing the randomness. It's moments like this, making the best out of a broke situation, that tighten any bond. So, if your heart is full but your pockets are nearly empty, try a few of these low budget outings with your little.

Go For A Scenic Bike Ride

Even if you don't own a bike, I'm sure your friends who have bikes wouldn't mind letting you guys borrow theirs for the day. And if one of you doesn't know how to ride a bike, well, there goes a learning experience for the two of you. Pedaling through campus allows you to see and feel things a little differently. Of course, you can still people watch, but just make sure you can multitask.

A Coffee Date With Sorority Sisters From Past Years
Viktoriia Photographer/Shutterstock

What better way to learn more about the roots of your sorority than by talking with some of the longtime members? Coffee doesn't cost much, and knowledge is priceless. You and your little can get a better idea of why you chose this sorority. Sometimes, it's not always about where things are going, but where things have been. So, listen up.

Netflix And Chill

OK, basic alert, but Netflix really is the cure for any broke situation. Whether it's yours, your roommate's, or your parent's account, you are there for it. Make it a little fun and randomly choose something the two of you have never seen before. Yes, documentaries included.

Free Sample Hunting At A Market

Hit up a local wholesale store or market for an afternoon filled with delicious samples. Even if you aren't interested in purchasing anything, because being broke ain't a joke, it's fun munching on goodies and perusing around. Hey, you two are possibly future member holders and simply want to get a feel for what the place is like, right?

Volunteer Your Dog Walking Services Together

Sadly, we can't all have pets in college, but we swoon over everyone who does. Any reason to get outside during fall foliage is a must, so you and your little can synchronize dog walking... with other people's pups. Take in the scenery and enjoy the company of some extra four-legged friends along the way.

Take Up An Arts And Crafts Project

Does your room need a little bit of a makeover? Make it a date and get to work with your little. Luckily, small craft items don't go for too much, and many of the things you need are probably lying around in your backpack already.

Learn Something New From A YouTube Tutorial

YouTube is like the holy grail of information when you're stumped on how to do something. Trying to perfect that smoky eye or want to learn how to transform your pumpkin into some delicious pumpkin bread? YouTube is here for you. Both of you can draft something you want to learn how to do, and get to it.

Have A Cabinet Potluck

Using only things you have in your cabinet, put together some crazy concoctions. Something about college and being broke always seems to tap into our inner chefs. Surprisingly, we make some miraculous dishes when the pressure is on.

Having a little is rewarding AF. Through all of the ups and downs, you have a friendship that's built on nonphysical things that could never be bought or sold.