8 Things Mom Predicted About Your Love Life That Made You Roll Your Eyes As A Teen

Growing up, your mom likely provided golden advice about life, love, and friendships. But many times, teenage you was too stubborn to listen to any of it. Now that you're older, you know the things mom predicted about your love life were so true. You try to not act too shocked when these epiphanies unfold IRL, but it's pretty surreal every single time.

How the heck was Mom so spot on since day one? While you were busy rolling your eyes, she was literally drawing a road map of your love life. And even though you had your license or permit back then, you had no intention of following her directions. What can you say? Your teenage years consisted of wanting to grow up and thinking you had it all figured it out on your own. Leave it to Mom to always know what's up.

You may have heard these predictions earlier than you wanted to, but now, you're paying extra close attention to Mom's endless wisdom. You can't go wrong with a little guidance in your love life, am I right? You don't have to admit that she had the answers all along, but your mom hit these eight things on the nose.

You'd Find Your True Soulmate (Who Wasn't Your Teen Celebrity Crush)

Did you swear you were going to run off into the sunset with one of the members of NSYNC back in the day? Your mom was a realist, and while she thought your crush was super cute, she gave you the lowdown. She knew you weren't going to marry your celebrity crush, but you'd find happiness with someone just as great. (Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)

You'd Get Over That One Phase You Were Going Through

Remember that phase when all you wanted to date was a hunk with a leather jacket, attitude, and a shiny motorcycle? You thought that badass demeanor would give you heart eyes for all of eternity. What you look for in a significant other may be so different now. (Although, the sound of a motorcycle still gives you major goosebumps.)

You'd Realize The Benefits Of Taking Things Slow When Looking For The Right Partner

You never liked being told to hold your horses as a teenager. Why? Because your horses were gallivanting toward the dreamiest person you thought you'd ever lay eyes on. You didn't want to miss your shot. These days, you see the benefits of taking things slow and not rushing into a relationship. You've also learned that a solid friendship can potentially bloom into a beautiful relationship.

You Don't Have To Try So Hard If Your Crush Is Into You

When you fell for your first crush ever, you fell hard. You may have even tried to change parts of yourself to appeal to them. Your mom told you that what's meant to be, will be. Who you are and what you have to offer is incredible and should never be changed for someone else. Looking over at your SO, you know she was more than right.

Love Is Going To Find You Unexpectedly

OK, you may have been a tad dramatic as a teen and claimed you'd be alone forever. Back then, you hardly had a grasp on the mysterious forces of love. Your mom tried to tell you, but it took love unexpectedly finding you for you to realize what she was actually talking about.

Your First Real Crush Wouldn't Be Your Last

Your first real crush is one you'll likely never forget. You thought this person was "the one," and you were set for life. They may have been the first person to give you hardcore butterflies, but they were far from the last. Your stubborn teenage heart just didn't want to comprehend that.

You're Going To Get Better At Letting Go

Your first breakup might have been devastating, and you vented to your mom all about it. You didn't want to hear that you had to let it go, but she was so right. And when she told you that you'd get better at it, you didn't want to listen. By now, you know to keep the things that are good for you close, and let the rest go. What is meant to be, will be.

You'd Settle Down When You're Ready

You didn't want to hear anything about settling down when you were a teen. You also didn't want to be the locked away princess chilling in a high tower waiting for a prince to come to the rescue. Your mom told you you'd set the pace to your love life, and look at you now!