8 Things All Dog Moms Have In Common That Prove They're Proud AF Parents

Being a dog mom is an extremely exciting and important role to take on. It's rewarding AF, and although it takes a tremendous amount of responsibility, wet kisses and wagging tails make it well worth it. Your fur baby is basically like your child, except they devour puppy biscuits when it's chow time. The companionship is unreal, and they really bring the best parts out of you. Every pup is different, but there are things dog owners have in common, because dogs make us all warm and fuzzy inside... and it's not just from encountering tons of their fur.

How can you not love a pet who is so incredibly selfless, fun, and cuddles like there's no tomorrow? Regardless of what's going on in your life, your pup is always there to help you unlatch from a bad or mediocre day and enter carefree times. You could literally be doing nothing at all, but with your pup by your side, all is well in the world.

You might think you're the only one who lets your pup get away with far too many things, because they are just too adorable. You may also try to inch off the couch slowly because they're comfortable AF, and waking them would be so not cool. When you have a fur baby in your life, behaviors like that are expected and several other dog moms can attest that those proud moments are endless.

Resorting To Baby Talk When Your Pup Does Anything Cute

Your pup probably does something cute effortlessly, and seemingly all of the time. They are a lot like your child, so maybe that's why it is so easy to resort to baby talk when their adorable behaviors are on overload. It's likely that they have no idea what you are saying, but they'll cuddle with you, anyway.

Getting Excited Over A Trick You've Seen A Bunch Of Times

When you're a proud dog mom, even the smallest things are an accomplishment if your pup did it. It doesn't matter if you've seen and shared that trick with them a million times, you'll be super excited whenever they do it. You also don't hold out on those yummy treats.

Smiling From Ear-To-Ear When Someone Asks If You Have A Dog

You know those conversation topics where you want to be addressed so bad because you have something so juicy to share? That anticipation is tripled when you know you are about to be asked about your pet. They're your pride and joy. Talking about them comes as easily and naturally as breathing.

More Than Half Of The Pics On Your Phone Are Of Your Pup

Anyone who has a dog knows that you can not help snapping pics of them. You could be doing the same thing as you always do, but they will literally find a way to look more adorable each time. They are so photogenic and the low memory on your phone knows all about it.

Not Caring That Your Morning Goodbye Leaves You Covered In Fur

Would you rather risk not saying goodbye, or muscle through your pooch's fur accessorizing your black dress pants? Your fur baby can't help it, and you certainly can't leave the house without giving them some TLC and promises of returning home. Besides, fur is like a badge of honor these days because you're a proud AF dog mom.

Seeing A Dog On The Street Instantly Makes You Miss Yours

Even seeing other people with their pups makes you think about the amazing bond you have with your sweet little munchkin. The feels are all over the place — and watching how happy other owners and pups are only makes you prouder that you get to experience the same thing. Dogs are too awesome for words at times.

Kneeling Down And Opening Your Arms While They Run To You Is EVERYTHING

You know those YouTube videos where parents get so excited about their baby taking their first steps towards them? That is you every single time you get home and you hear those pattering paws coming down the hall and headed your way. It's simple, but it's one of the best feelings ever, because they're always so hyped to see you.

Laughing When You Find A Random Toy In Your Purse

You have so much fun with your pup all of the time, that finding random toys in the oddest places is bound to happen. From your bed to your purse — those little fur balls always manage to insert themselves into your thoughts. You aren't against thinking about them all of the time, though.

You're a proud dog mom, so own it. Your pup is lucky to have you and you're even luckier to have them in return.