8 Things Millennials Think About When It Comes To Birthday Presents That Are Relatable AF

I don't believe I'm alone in thinking that presents are probably one of the best parts about celebrating your birthday each year. Who doesn't want to be showered with love, gifts, cake, and confetti for being born? I'm all for it, but when the tables are turned and it's you who's doing the shopping, it's a little more difficult. Instead of opting for the coolest Barbie you see at the toy store like you did when you were a kid, there are things about birthday presents that millennials think about that prove the struggle can be all too real.

No one could have guessed that a birthday invite also came with endless questions and thoughts that fill your head. These are the things you never imagined you'd have to worry about with something so simple as buying a gift. There's the question of how close you are to the person who's celebrating. You also want to make sure you choose the absolute best gift around for your bestie.

For anyone who thinks, "It's just a birthday present," they don't understand that there's actually a lot of thought that goes into it all. Don't let the gift dilemma stop you from partying, though. The next time you get an invite, or when someone special in your life has an upcoming birthday, know that you're not alone if you're immediately asking yourself any of these eight questions.

What's The Protocol On A Gift For Someone You Just Started Seeing

Timing is everything, but sometimes, it can be a little off when you recently started seeing someone whose birthday is right around the corner. To get a gift or not to get a gift? That is the question.

I honestly don't have an answer for this one, except that I personally wouldn't get anything too expensive. Instead, consider opting for something thoughtful and clever that won't break the bank.

If Your Bestie's Actually Getting You A Material Gift This Year
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Even when I do have a party, I rarely expect anything except a card or two. The only friend you can count on maybe getting you a material present is your BFF. You're not sure if she's going to buy you something like jewelry this year, and if she does, you obviously want to do the same for her on her special day.

If A Bottle Of Wine Is Too Generic
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Nowadays, it seems like the easiest gift is a nice bottle of wine or alcohol for your friend who's 21 or up. However, the fear instantly takes over of that coming across as a generic AF gift. You splurged for a nice bottle, but will a nice wine come off as not thoughtful enough? Oh, the struggles!

I believe it's just the thought that counts, and your friend will love it. I mean, wine not — am I right?

What To Get Your Parents For Their Birthdays, Because They Already Have Everything
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Your parents may tell you that they don't need anything for their birthdays, because they already have everything. You want to give them the world, and would feel feel so terrible not giving them anything on their big day. (If I'm totally blanking on a gift for my mom, I always send her a card with some flowers, if that helps spark any ideas!)

If An Experience Is Enough Of A Present

Gifting an experiential gift is sometimes the better option than giving someone a material present. For example, you could take your friend for a hike to watch the sunset or go on a day trip just the two of you.

They're great for making memories that will last, but you may wonder if it'll come across as enough. It may not be wrapped in a big red bow, but memories are priceless gifts your friend will adore.

If This Card You Originally Thought Was Funny, Is Actually Lame AF

Many of us have been there before: You show up to a party, and immediately regret the card you got for your friend. You thought it was hilarious when you picked it out in the store, because it related to your inside joke together. But what if she doesn't get it?

Well, in my opinion, you shouldn't second guess it. Believe me, your friend will love it, and you originally picked it out for a reason!

If Traveling To See Your Sister On Her Birthday Is Considered A Present
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You and your sister may not live in the same place anymore, so you might plan on visiting her to celebrate her birthday. With the price of airfare and whatnot, you might not be able to afford to buy her much of anything else. That's when you wonder if your presence is really enough of a present. I will say, having my sister visit me and spending quality time together is the best present she could ever give me.

If You Need To Bring A Gift If It's Just A Casual Bar Hang
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If your friend is just having a casual bar hang for her birthday, does that mean you still need to bring a gift? This one always gets me.

If you feel close enough to the friend that you feel the need to bring a gift, then totally go for it. However, if it's a super casual plan, your friend will likely just be happy enough to see you there. Plus, you could always treat her to a fun drink at the bar!