8 Sunshine Tattoo Ideas That'll Brighten Up Your World

Mr. Sun, it's true — "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine," and I know summer is on its way by the warmth I feel when I step outside. The rays that shine down on us are like the sun is extending its arms for a big hug. You can't deny that everyone seems so much happier when the sun is out and the skies are so blue, so it's no wonder sunshine tattoo ideas are really popular.

When you're thinking of what to ink, you'll want a design that not only represents who you are, but gives off a great message and looks super cool. That's why a sun tattoo is an ultimate choice. When you see someone with a sunshine tattoo, you immediately know this person is all about embracing those sunny vibes. If you think about it, the sun comes out when it's a new day, so it also represents bright beginnings.

Sun tattoos are also great for a summer-loving girl to have when she's just dreaming of beach days during the coldest winter months. A sun tat is also a perfect idea for matching tats between friends and family, because like the sun, that person is your sunshine and "make[s] [you] happy when skies are grey." There are many reasons to get this special design, so if you're looking to get a new tat, here are eight sunshine tattoos ideas for inspiration that will give you a good dose of that Vitamin D.

This Freckle-Faced Sun Is Always Smiling
hanathemermaid on Twitter

Just like the sun makes you smile, consider getting a sun tattoo that smiles right back at you. Having a face in the sun gives your celestial being a whole new life. I'm also totally loving the bright colors in this piece that really makes this tattoo pop.

Matching Tats With Your Favorite Sun-body
x0mallory on Twitter

If you have someone who totally fits the description of being your very own personal sunshine, it just makes sense that you'd want to get matching sun tattoos together. That way, even if they aren't around, you're carrying their sunshine with you always. Plus, this design is too gorgeous to pass up with all of the details, from the face to the rays shining down to their wrists.

This Simplistic Sun Still Shines So Bright
chelspolitowski on Twitter

This is a really simple design that's perfect if you want something subtle. It's also small enough that it can go just about anywhere you're thinking of getting inked. Even though the design is made up of just a few lines, you still see the sun shining from far away.

Besties Just Wanna Have Fun In The Sun
neekababesx3 on Twitter

This is another great example of BFF sunshine tattoos, but with more of a simplistic design. Get it black and white, or go all out with some vibrant colors — maybe one yellow and one orange. It's all up to you, and how you want to keep your sunshine with you.

The Only Shade We Need Is The Shading On This Sun Tat
stellaahall on Twitter

Shading really helps any two-dimensional picture pop like it's right there. That's why this gorgeous sun feels like it's in the room with you. Usually, we don't want shade around when we're basking in the sunshine on the beach, but we'll let the shade slide for this one.

This Subtle Sun Can Hang With You Just About Anywhere
kidrauhlsvoid on Twitter

This is the simplest of sun designs you could get, which means it'll look perfect just about anywhere on your body. This would even make an awesome finger tat, too. Whenever you need a little warmth, you just look down and can see your tiny sun shining right there.

This Sun Design Is So Stunning
jessicadanyel on Twitter

You know exactly what you're looking at, whether it's a simple sun tattoo or a complex design like this one — that's what's so great about the sun. We all see the sun differently from where we are, but we all know it's shining down on us. I absolutely love all of the lines and detailing in this particular tattoo. It almost looks like a flower — a sun flower, if you will.

You Get The Best Of Both Worlds With This Sun And Moon
neee51 on Twitter

This design is downright perfect for someone who loves both celestial beings equally, and their heart is torn on deciding between a sun or moon tat. Why not get them both with a design like this one Plus, you rarely get to see these two friends chilling together in the sky — until now.