8 Subtle Travel Tattoos That Are Constant Reminders Of Your Beautiful Adventures

We all have a bucket list of things we want to do and places we're dreaming to explore. Even if you're not one to write things down in a journal, you have a running list in the back of your mind — and it continues to grow. For all of the travelers out there, I'm certain you're already planning out your next adventure at this very moment. You've definitely got wanderlust inside of you, and need to follow it wherever it may lead. Perhaps that wanderlust is even convincing you to head on over to a tattoo parlor. If so, you should definitely scope out subtle travel tattoo ideas beforehand for some necessary inspo.

It's clear that you have the travel bug, and you're all for it. Heading to your next destination is all you can think about, so it makes sense that you'd want to keep that constant reminder nearby with some travel-inspired ink. From your rolling suitcase and passport in hand, people can already tell you're an avid adventurer — and this subtle ink just confirms it. So, when you're sitting at your desk job looking up flights to your next stop, you'll look down at your adorable globe tattoo and be reminded of all the places you plan on checking out in the near future.

A Design That Combines Geometry And Geography
billykennymusic on Twitter

What a deal — you get two geos for the price of one. A geometric-inspired map is such a unique way to carry the globe around with you at all times. If you're looking for something a bit more colorful, get each shape colored in a different, vibrant color.

Carry Your Wanderlust With This One-Word Tat
alittlenomad on Twitter

If you had to pick one word to describe you, it might as well be "wanderlust." Plus, if you look it up in the dictionary, there's probably a picture of you right next to it. (At least, there should be.)

I love one-word tattoos for how simple they are, but the message they portray is so clear. This one says that you are a wanderlust chick, and you've got traveling on your mind at all times.

For When Traveling Is Your Whole Heart
34ganz on Twitter

Traveling makes your heart flutter. Instead of dreading packing your bags, it gets you so pumped up for your upcoming adventures. Counting down the days to your trip has you smiling from ear to ear. There is nothing that brings you more joy, so this tattoo will only show that traveling has your whole heart.

A Tattoo With Your Favorite Vacation Buddy
thetanyazhang on Twitter

Finding that perfect travel companion can be really difficult. You most likely want a travel buddy who wants to go to all the places you want to check out, and see every site that's on your bucket list. Once you've found this incredible human, you are connected for life. That's why you should really consider getting tattoos together. They don't even have to match — just as long as the message is the same, aka "Where are we going next?"

This Airplane Will Have You Soaring To Your Next Destination
ijakuh on Twitter

I really love this tattoo, because wherever you are pointing, the airplane is already on its way there. This simple design can also be placed on your finger or on the back of your shoulder. The lines add motion, but just the silhouetted airplane is really all you need. You'll be catching more flights than you can count with this piece of ink.

You'll Always Know Where Your Wanderlust Wants To Take You With A Compass Tat
jesslee_photo on Twitter

Compasses help us find direction when we're lost. If you've ever felt stuck in a rut in your 20s, you'll be able to look down at this tattoo and know exactly where to go. It's not always pointing north, but instead, it shows you the direction of your next bucket list destination.

With One Simple Line Tattoo, You Can Travel So Far
traveling1223 on Twitter

Palm trees, airplanes, and wanderlust — what more could you want in a travel tattoo? Not only does this tat cover the entire spectrum, but it's all in one simply drawn line, from the palm trees to the airplane's take off.

Keep Your Map With You Always With This Wrist Tattoo
coreydreamz on Twitter

There's nothing that means more to a traveler than their map. It shows them where they've been and where they still need to explore. Keeping your map with you always, right on your wrist, will be a constant reminder of your need to get going.