8 Relatable AF Struggles Of Going Out When You'd Much Rather Be Lazy At Home

Oh no — the dreaded Friday night is here yet again, and your friends are hitting up the group text for plans to go out. Don't get me wrong, you love Friday night, but you'd rather be relaxing at home after an exhausting week at work. Instead of going out to a crowded bar, wearing heels, and making small talk, you just want to be cuddling up in your sweats on the couch watching Netflix. Unfortunately, your friends are demanding your presence, and they will never really know the struggles of going out when you just feel like being lazy AF at home.

Sure, you want to see your friends, but you'd really rather be surrounded by pizza that you had delivered directly to your apartment. A girls' night in is the lazy girl's dream Friday night event. Whereas, a girls' night out makes you want to say, "Heck no."

Your friends just don't understand, and should be more appreciative when you're able to throw on some pants and make it out to the club. You really did have a great excuse to text them, but you're there. Someone get this girl a medal for making it out with her friends when all she's doing is dreaming of her couch, and dealing with these eight struggles that are all too real.

You're Running Out Of Good Excuses To Use

Unfortunately, your friends are catching on to you. Someone can only have food poisoning so much in one year. Coming up with a good excuse for not going out is getting a tad exhausting. It's a skill you have, but it's a hard one to keep up with.

You're Wondering Where Everyone Gets Their Energy

When you're out at a bar, you're just wondering where all this energy is coming from. Did no one else have to wake up super early for their job that day? Did everyone take a few espresso shots before this? You wish you could soak up some of that energy, but it's actually draining you even more of yours.

You're Just Counting Down The Days Until Your Friends Don't Feel Like Going Out Anymore

There has to be a time when your friends are so over going out to the club. You're just counting down the days until they say, "You know what, we should just stay in tonight and watch a movie." That'll be the day you celebrate.

You're Always Trying To Look For A Compromise

When your friends are trying to decide on the hot spot to go to that night, you always slip in a few recommendations. You like the bars that have ample seating, and don't play their music too loud so you can't even hear yourself think. A bar with yummy food is a solid pick as well, because you'd rather be chilling at a table than trying to keep your standing spot next to the bar. Heck, if your friends are getting you out for the night, they might as well pick a place you'll enjoy. Let's compromise, party people.

You're Really Not About Small Talk

There should really be a horror movie that is all just small talk. That would really scare the crap out of me. In my opinion, small talk is truly the worst. Can we all just agree that silence is better than having to talk about the weather with a casual acquaintance? Oh, the struggles!

You're Tired Of Convincing People You're Not A Party Pooper

Just because you don't want to go out on the weekend, that does not mean you are a party pooper. On the contrary, you are a ton of fun and so in your element when you're relaxed at home. Honestly, if this hangout was moved to your apartment, your friends would see that you are the life of the party.

You Regret Everything As Soon As You Arrive

You really try to convince yourself you could have fun. Maybe you'll discover a burst of energy when you step into the bar. You have optimism, you really do, but it disappears almost immediately. I give it 20 minutes before I regret everything, and want to get a ride back home to chill with my cat.

At The Bar, You're Scoping Out Where To Sit

When you're feeling lazy AF, all you really want to do is sit back and chillax for the night. Sure, you love the dance floor, but you just don't have the energy at the moment to hit it up. You'll opt to be the friend who sits down and watches over everyone's stuff so you can put your feet up and lounge with your glass of wine.