8 Simple Ways To Remind Your Partner You Love Them That Are Cute & Thoughtful
by Christy Piña

Loving someone wholeheartedly is wonderful, but in a relationship, it's important to make sure your partner knows how you feel about them, and that no matter how long you've been together, your love for them isn't going anywhere. While it may seem like a given that your partner knows you love them, that may not always be the case. Or maybe they do know, but a nice little reminder here and there doesn't hurt. There are countless simple ways to remind your partner you love them, without having to go all out and blow your last three paychecks to do it. Don't get me wrong: Going the extra mile to plan something extravagant for your honey is a really sweet thing to do, but that's not the only way to remind them you love them.

Sometimes even the smallest things can make your partner feel loved. Simply just saying "I love you" every day or calling them just to check in at lunch can be great reminders of your love for them. Maybe they were having a really crappy day and just hearing your voice or spending some time with you can make all the bad just melt away. A simple little reminder every once in a while can make a world of difference. Here are eight ways to make sure bae never has to question whether or not your love for them is as strong as it's always been.

Say It

Just saying those three words can be a sweet and simple reminder to your partner that your love for them is still strong. Even if bae isn't one for lots of words, hearing "I love you" can be incredibly comforting.

Dedicate Time To Them

Whether it's spending time with your partner or even just talking to them regularly if you're long-distance, dedicating some weekly time to bae can be a simple way to remind them you love them. It doesn't matter if it's just spending a night in together on the couch with your favorite food or going on a date that involves putting on actual pants. Just spending time together can be wonderful.

Keep Flirting

Sometimes when you've been with someone for a while, it may seem silly to continue doing all the things that made you fall in love in the first place. But it can be sweet to see that the things about each other that initially made you swoon are still there. Throwing bae a flirty line or two every once in a while can be a way of showing them you still have all the heart-eyes for them.

Plan Sweet Dates Just Because

"To maintain and grow that connection, it’s important to do the very things that got you in the relationship to begin with, such as taking each other out on dates," Thomas Edwards, founder of The Professional Wingman, previously told Elite Daily. As tempting as it may be to just cuddle up on the couch together all the time, it's good to get out of the house at least monthly, if not weekly, like you did when you first met. Life coach Nina Rubin also previously told Elite Daily that "It’s important to be in the world together and create new experiences." Amen to that.

Tailor To Their Love Languages

Love languages may seem like a suggestion more than anything. But if bae's love language is words of affirmation and you're constantly giving them gifts, they may not register your expressions of love like you hope they would. "Understanding love languages not only requires understanding the person and how they are different [from] you, but that what is important to them is different from what is important to you, and being able to separate your wants and needs from theirs to give them what they want," senior matchmaker and dating coach Lori Salkin told Bustle.

Do Something You Always Said You'd Do For Each Other

You know those things you and your partner always talk about doing but never actually do? Well, do them! If bae has mentioned on multiple occasions that they want to go on a particular date, or they want to send letters in the mail, do it.

My boyfriend told me he wanted us to send each other drawings of otters in the mail (long story). One day, I was at the post office, and there was a card with two adorable otters on it. I bought it, wrote a sweet little message inside and sent it to him. When he got it in the mail, he called me and told me how happy he was that I actually did it. It's the little things, y'all.

Get Them Something For No Reason Other Than That It Made You Think Of Them

Let's say you pass by CVS on your way to see your boo. Consider buying them their favorite candy! Or you're at the mall, and you see a shirt they might like. Get it! You don't have to wait for your anniversary or their birthday to buy them something sweet.

Support Them In All That They Do

Your partner's passions and hobbies might be things you'll never understand, but if they love to do them, supporting them can be an easy way to remind them of your love. Feeling supported in a relationship is so important, and if your partner is constantly cheering you on in whatever you do, make sure you reciprocate!

Reminding your partner you love them might sometimes feel like something you don't think you have to do because it's easy to think they just know. And while that may be true, a simple little reminder that your love for them is still strong can't hurt!