12 Easy Ways To Show Your Partner You Appreciate Them Every Day Without Huge Gestures

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

You're in a wonderful, loving relationship with a partner you never saw coming. You're happy and glowing all the time and you can't wait to see what the future holds. Naturally, you want to make sure your love stays strong. One of the best ways to do this is to show your partner you appreciate them every single day. But if you're wondering just how to show your partner you love them, you've come to the right place.

Before I met my husband, I was never all that interested in showing appreciation to partners. I know that makes me sound like a terrible person, but the truth is, I never really liked being in relationships and never really felt like the right person was out there for me. That all changed when I met my husband, though, and now, one of my favorite things is to show him I appreciate him every chance I get.

He's whom I consider the best partner in the world, so not only do I want to show him appreciation because of that, I also want to show him appreciation because he makes it a point to do really sweet things for me all the time. He's naturally, effortlessly romantic, and I love trying to come up with new ways to show him how special he is to me.

In that vein, I've come up with 12 awesome ideas to show your partner you love them every single day, without needing to go crazy overboard:

1. Write Them A Cute Note

One of the easiest, most fun things you can do to show your partner you love them is a write a cute note. It can be really simple, like a thank you for something nice they did or even just a note left with their work or school things for them to find later that tells them you miss them.

They'll be pleasantly surprised and will probably want to text or call right away to tell you how much they loved it.

2. Post A Celebratory Facebook Status

OK, although people seem to hate others who post happy things about their relationship, forget the haters. You're in love and happy, and there's no reason not to celebrate that.

A great thing to do is to post a simple celebratory Facebook status about your love, or post when something nice happens for them, like passing a test or getting a promotion. It'll be a nice thing for them to see how you are happy sharing your love, and it'll make your relationship even stronger.

3. Get Them Their Favorite Candy

I love vegan dark chocolate, and my husband knows this about me. So whenever he has a chance, he finds himself in the health food store purchasing it. And then, he surprises me with it when he gets home — it's fantastic!

Doing something simple and easy like getting your partner their favorite candy will go a long way. It'll show not only that you care, but that you remember one of their favorite treats.

4. Give Them A Massage

Yes, we all love massages, and yes, we all don't get them enough!

It doesn't matter if you're usually the one getting massages in the relationship. You should take the opportunity to switch things up and give one. Who doesn't love their romantic partner's hands all over them, with some deep rubbing of their muscles?

Your partner will not only feel good physically, but they'll also feel grateful for you.

5. Do Something You Don't Really Want To Do

If you know your partner wants to go to a particular event, but you're not that into it, go anyway. If there is a particular chore that you hate and always avoid, go ahead and do it from time to time.

But don't b*tch about it! The key here is to show your partner how much you love them by doing something you otherwise wouldn't, but you'll ruin it if you whine about it or make it a point to rub it in your partner's face. Instead, be sweet, kind, and do something nice for your partner without asking for anything in return.

6. Surprise Them With A Sexy Act

Park your partner on the couch one night and give them a strip tease. Or maybe come on to them somewhere they are least expecting it. You could even join them in the shower on a lazy Sunday morning.

Although doing these sexy acts will probably end up getting you laid, which is awesome in and of itself, they will also remind your partner how desired they are, which is another great way to show appreciation.

7. Spend A Lazy Day With Them

We're all normally so busy running around with school and work that we sometimes forget our partnerships are supposed to be about love and fun.

To remind yourself of that and to simultaneously show your partner how much you care, spend a lazy day with them, eating junk food, watching movies, and snuggling. They'll be happy for the break and the love, and you'll both be happy to get that special time together.

8. Make Your Hellos And Goodbyes Special

My husband always makes it a point to give me a big kiss any time he leaves the house or comes back. It's a really small thing, but it's so nice, and it makes me look forward to him coming home, (I will probably never look forward to him leaving!)

Instead of just running out the door with a “See you later!” spend an extra 30 seconds giving your partner a kiss and a hug and let them know you'll miss them. It'll go a long way to remind them you care.

9. Cook (Or Order) Their Favorite Meal

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I'm more Coco Chanel than Coq Au Vin.”

OK, that is not exactly true of me, but I do hate cooking. So when I want to do something nice for my husband, I'll get over this hatred and actually make him a nice meal. Or sometimes, I'll just order one. You don't have to slave away over a hot stove to do something nice for your partner.

10. Send An Adorable GIF

I'm basically the queen of GIFs, and when I am feeling extra lovey toward my husband, I send him cute GIFs. Sometimes, a cartoon with stars in their eyes. Sometimes, just an “I love you” note. Sometimes, the sad kitty saying I miss you.

It doesn't take a lot, but it does make him smile like crazy when I do it, so go ahead and go GIF searching for your honey.

11. Plan A Fancy Date

This one is slightly more effort, but still not a lot and well worth the work you're putting in.

If you and your partner have fallen into a funk of “just hanging out,” get out of it by planning a fancy date! Add a new activity you both haven't tried or a special black-and-white movie. Your partner will be stoked that you did all the planning, and the night out will be fun and connecting for both of you.

12. Tell Them You Love Them For No Reason At All

Finally, just tell your partner you love them. Every single day. For no reason.

It sounds a little obvious, but it's easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to stop and smell the roses of our relationship. Having a supportive, loving partner is something many people chase after, so when you have one, never forget to be grateful and remind them how special they are.

It's not hard to show your partner you appreciate them, but it does require some thought. For a relationship that you love, though, with a partner who is amazing, it's easy to try the things on this list to continue to show them appreciation every day.

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