8 Telltale Signs You're Hooked On Traveling & Will Never Quit It

Once you've been bitten by the travel bug, you're forever hooked. The need to explore becomes everything you think about, and your life is built around where you're planning on wandering to next. If there's one word that best describes you, it's "wanderlust." For someone who daydreams about bucket list destinations on the regular, there are a few telltale signs you're hooked on traveling, and you'll be saying "same" to all of them.

You'd much rather be living out of your suitcase exploring the globe, rather than settling down in one place. All of the money you save up goes straight to your travel funds, and you wouldn't have it any other way. You live your life in experiences and getting to know new places rather than dishing out cash for material things. I get it; there are so many places to see, so you feel like you'd better start checking them off your list right now.

With your passport in hand, you can go pretty much anywhere your heart desires, and that's the greatest joy in the world to you. For anyone with this much wanderlust, you'll find yourself nodding your head when you see these eight telltale signs of someone who's ready to go on their next adventure.

When You See A Travel Magazine, You Drop Everything To Read It
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Where some people get distracted by the catchy headlines of a celebrity mag, you do a double take when you see a gorgeous landscape picture on the cover of a travel magazine. You immediately drop everything you're doing and pick it up. Your mind goes straight to that "where is this, and how can I get there?" mentality. New destinations set your soul on fire, and you can't wait to read more.

You Follow A Ton Of Travel Bloggers On The 'Gram, So You Can Daydream All Day Long

As you scroll through Instagram, your feed is filled with travel 'Gram after travel 'Gram. You love following bloggers who are going places just like you. They give you so much inspiration of hidden gems they've found, and provide you with ideas of where you should go next.

Before Even Getting Back From Your Trip, You're Already Planning Your Next One
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While you're still away, you're already thinking, "When can I do this again?" It's not that you're not enjoying where you currently are; your trip is just giving you so many ideas of where to go on your next getaway. You never want the traveling to end.

When You're On Vacation, You Take As Many Excursions To Nearby Places As Possible
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You want to see it all, and I totally feel you. European adventures are great for exploring multiple cities, but sometimes, you end up staying in one destination. That just means you plan multiple excursions to nearby places to make the most of your time there. For instance, when you're staying in Munich, take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle.

You Don't Mind Re-Visiting The Same Place

Who said you could only visit a place once? There's so much to explore in every city, that you're never going to get to it all in one trip. You may even fall in love with a place, and decide to visit multiple times. You live by the idea that once is never enough.

Your Passport Is Overflowing With Stamps
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My mom always said that if something was worn down and used, it just meant it was "loved." Well, you love your passport, because it takes you to so many dreamy destinations. That's why it's a little more worn down than most, and filled with so many stamps and memories. You might even have to invest in a cute passport cover, like this millennial lilac one that's trendy AF.

You Know Airports By Their Codes, Because You've Booked So Many Flights

You don't refer to airports by their full names. Instead, you use their codes. While other people spend their days scrolling through their Facebook feeds, you're looking up flights and deals while surfing the web. That means, you need to know the short hand codes to make your searching process all the more easier. Let's face it: You're a pro.

You Have The Perfect Flying Kit That Fits Your Needs

You've traveled so often, that now you know exactly how to fly comfortably. You've gone through several travel pillows to find the one that fits your neck perfectly, and you know if you need ear plugs, a sleeping mask, or a glass of wine (if you're 21 and up) to fly with ease. You have your personal flying kit prepared, and ready to pack for each new adventure you embark on.