These Millennial Lilac Travel Accessories Will Take Your Wanderlust Global

by Tessa Harvey

Make way, mustard yellow and baby pink. There's a new summer color in town, and its name is millennial lilac. I know, right? What does it even mean? I was confused, too. But now I'm hooked, and here's why: Millennial lilac is that shade of purple that anyone and everyone can pull off. Trust me on this, even if you previously hated the color purple, you're going to love this shade. Millennial lilac is the color of the summer, and that's why this year, I want to take it everywhere. That makes these millennial lilac travel accessories a must have.

I get it; trends are hard to stay on top of. But just think of how long the millennial pink trend lasted. We're ready to move on — and lilac, she's our girl. Who else is down to get on the trend before anyone else? Between your workload and your personal life, you've been busy. Maybe it's time to spread your wings a little. You know you've been meaning to take a trip, so buying yourself some new millennial lilac accessories can only help, right? Wherever you destination may be, these millennial lilac accessories are ready to take your wanderlust global — and look trendy AF along the way.

This Absolutely Perfect Passport Holder

The thing about traveling is that you need to be organized, and well, I don't know about you... but that doesn't come naturally to me. Sometimes you need some added motivation to keep track of everything. In this case, it's this flawless millennial lilac travel passport cover. You'll never need to root around in your bag for your passport, because it's definitely going to stand out among the rest of your things. The gold accents are the perfect touch of elegance, don't you think?

A Family Of Luggage Never Looked So Good

If you haven't yet invested in a good, high-quality set of luggage for yourself, now is the time to do that. You're a real-life adult now, and real-life adults have luggage that isn't in danger of losing a wheel in the airport bathroom. These hard-top millennial lilac suitcases just might be the ones for you. You get a set of three, which is more than enough for all of your jet-setting travel needs. As an added bonus, you also get all three for under $150... so really, it's a win-win all around.

And Of Course, A Matching Personal Item

Let me let you in on a little secret that most Instagrammers don't want you to know: The key to a great travel plandid is in the detail. This Calvin Klein tote will look so good with your new millennial lilac luggage, and it makes a great grab-and-go bag option when you're sightseeing abroad. It's got a should strap and a cross-body strap, so you're picked up two bags in one. And best of all, it's just big enough to stuff in your laptop, flight reads, and a snack or two.

Because Even Your Water Can Be Trendy

We all know it's important to stay hydrated. Lucky for us, this stainless-steel travel mug lets us stay hydrated in style. Talk about versatility; it's the perfect container for your commute to work or your 10-mile hike water bottle. Whether you're traveling around the world or not, you'll want this ice cube-friendly bottle for yourself. Just make sure it's empty when you go through TSA.

The Pouch You'll Never Want To Lose

This pouch is meant to hold your beautyblender during travel, but it has many uses: for the beautyblender, of course, for your favorite pair of earrings, for your headphones that always seem to get lost during travel. In fact, you're going to to love this little millennial lilac pouch so much you just might pick a few more for all the little travel items that just seem to get lost.