8 Signs You’re Becoming A Birthdayzilla & Might Need To Chill Out

Your birthday is a special time when the spotlight is shining on you. There are some people in this world who take their birthdays very seriously, and quite honestly, I am one of them. If you're reading this, you can probably relate, too. The problem is, despite having a birthday tiara on your head and confetti in your hair, you've found yourself acting less like a princess and more like a birthdayzilla. If you're high-key obsessed with your birthday and are trying to convince yourself, "That can't possibly be me," you may be missing some telltale signs you're becoming a birthdayzilla.

What's a birthdayzilla, might you ask? Well, it's someone who's obsessed with their day of birth, and will stop at nothing to make sure everyone they know is as obsessed as they are. A birthdayzilla might even find herself going through a wide range of emotions in a short period of time, from stressed out to happy AF.

If you're still in a place of denial — believe me, I was, too — here are eight signs you may very well be a birthdayzilla, and might need to take a hot sec to chill out. Your birthday is a day to party, so focus on having a great time.

You Have Multiple Birthday Parties Planned

Preach. My birthday is in February, and since it's a shorter month, instead of having one day to party, I dedicate the entire month to celebrating. There's a dinner on my actual date of birth, bar hopping the weekend before, and a more intimate event with my close friend group. It's a lot, and you can't expect everyone to be on board for everything.

Instead of filling up the month with plans, consider saving some of your rad ideas for next year. That's the beauty of a birthday, it comes around every year, so put your time and energy into planning one big bash for everyone this time around.

You Hold Grudges When Friends Can't Make It To Your Party

You have a list somewhere, maybe even in the back of your mind, of every single friend who was mysteriously MIA from your birthday party. Let go of that list, and instead, focus on the list of people who did make it to your party. They deserve your undivided attention.

You're Demanding A Lot From Your Friends To Attend Your Party

Whether it's money, time, or distance, your friends shouldn't have to work extremely hard to attend your party. Big trips like a booze cruise (if you're 21 and up) or going to a theme park are fun ideas, but you can't expect all of your friends to dish out a ton of cash to celebrate your big day. If you do plan a big party, just remember to understand when a friend can't afford to come.

You've Shed A Few Birthday Tears

It's true: It's your party and you can cry if you want to, but you shouldn't have to cry on your birthday. I usually cry when I'm stressed or sad, and those are two feelings that aren't invited to your birthday party. The only tears that should be shed on your big day are tears of joy.

You Keep Track Of The Number Of "Happy Birthday" Texts You've Received

You have to remember your birthday is not a competition to see how many people wish you a "happy birthday." You know some of the people who write on your Facebook wall you probably haven't talked to since high school, anyway. It's more about the gems currently in your life who want to celebrate the day with you.

At Your Party, You're Too Busy Focusing On What's Wrong Rather Than Having A Good Time

Your birthdayzilla-ness is getting in the way of your fun. You might be focusing too much on the fact that your cake was brought out too soon or you spilled a bit of champagne on your dress. Ignore all of that. It's out of your hands, and you should really be focusing on the fact that you're just going to dig into your tasty cake earlier!

You Judge Your Friends' Commitment To You Based On How They Treat Your Birthday

If your friend doesn't make an elaborate photo collage dedicated to you on Instagram, or has to be out of town for your birthday party, your friendship shouldn't suffer over it. Obviously, your friend should know how much you care about your birthday, and make it a priority to celebrate with you, but life happens.

You Throw Shade At Other People Who Have The Same Birthday As You

The truth is, a lot of people have the same birthday as you. It's just a fact we all have to accept. I don't like sharing just as much as the next person, but you'll be mad at a lot of people if you decide to shade every single person that shares your same birthday.