Only Couples Who Are Truly Comfortable With Each Other Will Do These 8 Things

Everyone gets giddy over the beginning of a new romance, where everything is fresh, exciting, and tingly. But you know what else a new relationship is? A lot of freaking work. Yes, it’s a magical time, but there’s also so much shaving, uncomfortable underwear, and holding in so many farts. Don't lie, you've totally been there, too. But then, something happens: You get comfortable with each other (literally when it comes to letting all that pent-up gas go free). You'll start feeling a lot more at ease once you notice the signs your partner is comfortable with you, too.

Now, some people might tell you that's a bad thing. Those people are wrong. Feeling confident and safe enough in your relationship to fully relax is an amazing thing. They call it "getting comfortable" because it feels good. Comfortable isn’t giving up or letting yourself go — comfortable is goals! Not to mention, it’s a totally necessary step in any relationship that is going to go the distance. You can only make excuses to run home for a number two for so long. But even more importantly, being supremely comfortable with each other is how you actually get closer to each other. It’s a sign of trust and connection. You've let each other behind the curtain. Here's how you know you've reached maximum comfort level with your SO.

1. No Conversation Topic Is Off Limits

When you've entered the comfort zone in your relationship, you can talk about literally anything. You've developed enough trust that you can be vulnerable with them and spill your heart or your secrets and know that you are safe.

2. You Aren’t Afraid To Speak Up When You Disagree

When you are first together, you might not feel like you can speak your mind as boldly as you normally would. You want to get along, right? Well, being super comfortable means you can say what’s on your mind, even when it contradicts what your partner thinks, and it will be received fairly.

3. Sharing Your Phones Is NBD

We basically walk around with a brick full of blackmail material in our pockets, and we call it a "smart" phone. Ha! You're likely super protective of your phone when you first meet someone. Maybe you're dating multiple people, have a grip of naked photos of your ex, or 75 copies of that "just woke up like this" selfie you sent them early on. So when you reach the point where lending your significant other your phone, password included, you know you're comfortable with each other... and that the contents of your phone now resemble those of someone cuffed up.

4. They Laugh Easily And Often

This is a bit of a chicken or the egg situation. Do the laughs come easy because you’re comfortable? Or are you comfortable because the laughs come so easy? Either way, when you’re in the comfort zone, it comes with a pretty fantastic laugh track. You both know how to make the other one crack up. It’s as easy as slipping into your favorite, old, holey sweatpants.

5. You Have Comfortable Silences

Along with talking about anything and everything, you're just as comfy talking about nothing at all. The comfortable silence, when it comes, sneaks up on you. You don’t even realize it’s happening because it just feels so natural.

6. You Text Each Other Just Because

When you first start dating, every text message is like a game of 4D chess. Every word and emoji is pored over for hidden meaning, timed perfectly to not come off as too thirsty. But now, shooting them a text is easy breezy. No gamesmanship, just a quick hello.

7. Personal Grooming Moves Down The Priority Scale

Listen, I am not saying you should go into full-on dirty hermit mode, just that if you don’t shave for a few days or rush to put on makeup, that's OK. In fact, it’s good. It means that you know your partner loves you for who you are and not because your eyebrows are on point today.

8. You Aren’t Afraid To Be Gross Around Each Other

This is the big one. Whether it’s farting in front of each other, popping each other's zits, clipping toenails, or peeing with the door open, you know you are at comfort zone ground zero when you can really lean in to the grossness together.

Does that seem too comfortable? Nah, the only way to know if what you have is real is that neither of you are afraid to be totally real with each other.

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