8 Sexy First Anniversary Date Ideas That Are So Hot, You'll Want To Run Home ASAP

At the start of many relationships, there's often a spark of chemistry. Perhaps you and your new boo are all over each other and can't seem to sit through dinner without wanting to rip each others' clothes off. OK, OK, so maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you get the point. Most relationships start out with a lot of heat. But as time goes on, it's perfectly natural for that fire to dim a little. In which case, having a few sexy first anniversary date ideas on hand can help you and your partner celebrate a landmark in your relationship, and while simultaneously reigniting that spark.

Of course, that isn't to say that you and your partner necessarily need any help getting a spark going. It can be fun to do something a little sexy for your first anniversary. You're young, and you deserve to have fun! First anniversaries are are an exciting opportunity to celebrate each other and your relationship. You've come a long way, so going on a hot date can be just the ticket. You can get all dressed up to go out, or keep it casual at home.

Either way, these date ideas will have you itching to turn off the lights, if you know what I mean.

Go to a burlesque show.

Burlesque isn't just the title of an underrated film featuring Cher — it's also a great way to turn up the heat with your partner. You can get all dressed up, and enjoy the show together. Seriously, seeing the gorgeous performers strut their stuff in a sultry, classy setting is hot. It'll definitely turn up the heat, considering all the attractive people dancing on stage, and you may be running home sooner rather than later.

Treat yourself with a couple's massage.

OK, let's be honest, there's really nothing better than a massage. It's relaxing, it's luxurious, and if you and your partner opt for a couple's massage, it can be totally sexy. Whether you go to a day spa, or ball out and have a masseuse come to you, it'll be a good time. What better way to get in the mood than to get naked and rubbed down?

Go see a sexy movie.

You don't have to go see Fifty Shades, but heading out to an erotic film with your bae is definitely stimulating. Go to your local theater's erotica night, or even just stay in and turn on a sexy movie. Either way, you're in for a good time.

Take Salsa dancing lessons.

Getting all hot and heavy with bae while salsa dancing is a great way to celebrate your anniversary, You can learn to properly Salsa, wear a cute outfit, and feel the passion.

Go to a cool, local speakeasy.

If you've never been to a speakeasy, you're seriously missing out. A speakeasy is basically a secret bar, and they're becoming hugely poplar in a lot of cities. They're fun, they're dark and mysterious, and subtly sexy. You and your partner can head out for the night, have a few drinks at a secret bar, and then head home to enjoy each other.

Try out role play.

Role play doesn't have to stay in the bedroom. Wear a wig, an outfit you would normally never put on, and head to a bar at an agreed upon time. When your partner approaches you, or you approach them, act like you don't know each other. When you go home together, it will only up the sexiness factor.

Head to an adult toy store and have some fun.

Another great way to celebrate your first anniversary is to reward yourselves with a new sex toy or costume. Try out a new vibrator or anal beads, or consider buying some new lingerie or flavored lube. Try something new and just go for it!

Have a staycation at a nice hotel.

If your town or a town nearby has a nice hotel, then head there for the night. Obviously, you can use a discount booking service, such as HotelTonight, in order to save some money, tool. It's your anniversary, so you deserve to go all out! It's always fun to stay at a hotel, where the bed is already made, and you have minimal responsibilities, and you can even wake up and have breakfast in bed the next morning.

A first anniversary is a big deal — you've made it through 365 days of partnership. You and your significant other deserve to let loose, relax, and feel the heat. Going on one of these sexy dates will celebrate your connection, and make for some great sex at the end of the night. You're welcome!