You & Your Sis Can Relate To These 8 Scenes From 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

If you've seen Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before (or like me, who has seen it literally 500 times), I'm sure you're totally shipping Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. Though, if you have sisters, the real relationship that hit you right in the feels was between the three Covey sisters. Through the love letter mayhem that ensues, these sisters were always there for each other, and if you have a sis of your own, there were more than a few scenes from To All The Boys I've Loved Before that you could totally relate to.

In the Covey household, you have Lara Jean. She's the middle child who's obsessed with romance novels and writing love letters. Then, there's Margot, the very mature older sister who heads off to college. Kitty is probably my favorite, because she was the funniest of the three. The little sis of the fam, Kitty is spunky and does her own thing. Whenever I re-watch the movie, I can totally see how the relationship between these sisters is similar to the one I have with my own. You may have also felt that way if you have a sister, and it was these eight scenes from the movie that made you smile.

When Kitty Wore Her Helmet In The Car With Lara Jean
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As sisters, we like to joke around with each other, and that's exactly what Kitty did in this scene when she put on a helmet in the car with Lara Jean. She knew how much LJ hates driving, and it's funny (and apparently quite necessary) when she rode with it on. The playfulness between these two reminds me so much of the days when I rode around in the car with my older sis.

When Lara Jean Knew Margot Wasn't Going To Turn Around

You know your sister better than anyone else, which means you could even predict her next move. At the airport, when the family is saying goodbye to Margot, Kitty asks if she's going to turn around. Lara Jean says, "That's not Margot," because she knows her sister all too well.

When Margot Told Kitty To Lie About Their Dad's Cooking

Other than your sisters, the most important people in the world are your parents. You would do anything to make them happy. That means even lying about how tasty their cooking is, like when Margot tells Kitty to say their dad's Korean food is good. You and your sis probably keep a few secrets between the two of you to spare your parents' feelings, and watching this scene, we all knew Kitty had to lie about dinner.

When Margot Helped Lara Jean With Her Hot Tub Video Drama

When you're in trouble, the first person you call is hands-down your sis. She is your number one confidant, and you know she will do everything in her power to make it right. That's why, despite the Josh drama, Lara Jean asks for Margot's help with the hot tub video. You know if you ever needed someone to email social media headquarters, your sis would be the one.

When Margot Was More Upset Lara Jean Didn't Skype Her

Lara Jean avoided her sister all semester because she didn't want her to find out about the whole Peter Kavinsky/Josh Sanderson love letter drama. When Margot finds out about it, she's not upset that her sister was in love with her ex-boyfriend; she was more upset that she was avoiding her.

You and your sis may go through some drama of your own, but at the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is that you're able to talk about it. Boys may come and go, but your sister is forever.

When Kitty Sent Out The Letters To Help Lara Jean

You always know what's best for your sister, so you may have to be proactive with helping her out. Kitty knew this, and that's why she sent out the letters. Sure, it may have caused a whirlwind of drama, but it all worked out in the end.

When Kitty Gave Some Attitude To Peter At First

When it comes to your sister, you're overly protective. You only want the best for her, which is why you're a little hesitant at first when you meet her new bae. Just like Kitty, you give a little attitude while you assess whether or not they are good enough for your sis. Though, if he's anything like Peter K, you'd likely give him two big thumbs up.

When Kitty Got Brutally Honest With Lara Jean

When Lara Jean and Kitty spent their night watching The Golden Girls on the couch, there is a moment when Kitty was brutally honest with her sis about her social life. Sure, it may have been a little harsh to hear, but I'm sure Lara Jean was grateful for her sister's honest opinion. That's the magic of sisterhood, she will tell you what you need to hear, because she cares. (Also, this whole scene just reminded me that my sister and I need to have a movie night ASAP.)