8 Reasons To Take A Cruise With Only Your Sister In Your 20s

Don't you wanna go cruisin'? I know I sure do, and the only essentials I'd need to have with me are my sister and a suitcase. A cruise is truly one of the best vacations to go on. It's basically a moving hotel that takes you to the most wonderful places while you get to eat, embrace the nightlife scene, and soak up some sunshine by the pool. Sign me up! It's a dream vacation, and the perfect partner for your travel adventures is your sister. Other than being your best friend, there are so many other reasons to take a cruise with your sister when you're in your 20s.

You've probably been on a ton of family vacations together over the years, so you're expert travel pals by now. Sure, a cruise would be fun with your friends or the rest of your family, but you know you only need your sister there to make it the trip of a lifetime.

I'm sure you'll agree with these eight reasons why your sister is the only person you need to cruise with. You were probably convinced the minute you remembered the endless buffets that cruises have. Now's the time to pick the perfect cruise for two sisters ready to take on the world. Sea you both on the high seas!

She's The Best Person To Hit Up The Buffet With

Let's be real here — the buffet setup is one of the top highlights on a cruise ship. There are so many options, and you literally want to try everything.

With non-stop buffets on board, you and your sis can visit them whenever your hearts desire. Your other half is the perfect partner in crime for buffet hopping, because she may have similar food preferences. When you want to fill up one plate with crab legs and fries, and the other one with shrimp cocktail to share, she's your number one girl.

You'll Try New Things At A Wine Or Beer Tasting

If you and your sister are 21 and up, sign up for a fun liquor, beer, or wine tasting on the ship. It's always a fun experience, even if some of the drinks aren't what you would typically order at a bar. You and your sis can take fancy Cosmo pics like you're Samantha from Sex and the City.

You're Able To Share Suitcases

The cabins on a cruise ship are on the smaller side, so you don't have the luxury of bringing everything in your wardrobe. Luckily, you have a sister there who has awesome style, so you know her suitcase is fair game for sharing. Now, you'll have double the options!

She's Game For Making The Most Of Your Time Ashore

Sometimes, you only get a few hours in the ports of call. You have to make the most of every minute you're ashore, and your sister is the best person for that. Whether you want to go shopping or head to the beach, you and you sis are down for the same things, so you'll manage your time perfectly with activities you actually want to be doing.

You're With Someone You Trust When You're Laying Out In The Sun

A cruise calls for some serious sun time. When you're laying out by the pool, your sis is the best sidekick you could ever ask for. She will watch your deck chair while you go grab a drink or snack from the bar. She will also help you put on sunscreen or tell you when you need to lather on some more.

You Understand And Respect Each Other's Schedules

There are so many things to do on a cruise ship, that you and your sister may want to go in different directions some of the days. She might want to go up on deck and stargaze by the pool, while you may want to catch a movie.

Unlike some friends who aren't as flexible, you and your sister don't feel awkward being totally honest about what you want to do and where your priorities are at. This way, you both get the experience you want.

She Won't Judge You When You Want To Take 'Titanic' Pics For Instagram

Come on! We all want to stand at the front of the ship like Leo and take a "King of the World" photo for the 'Gram. There's no shame there, and you know your sister will be the best photographer ever. She totally gets it, and will naturally want a cute candid pic of her own.

She's The Best Entertainment When You Don't Have Your Phone

You might not want to dish out extra cash on the cruise ship WiFi. Plus, it's nice to step away from Facebook and social media for a few days. That's when your sister comes in handy to talk to. She can distract you and keep you entertained, so you never have the urge to reach for your phone.