In Order To Be Happy By 25, You Should Give Yourself These 8 Pep Talks

The magical effects of a well-worded and much-needed pep talk are so tremendous. You won't always have immediate access to the amazing word gurus in your life, so there are those moments when you'll have to rely on yourself for all the inspiration. There are more than a few pep talks to give yourself by the time you reach your 25th birthday, so that at least you're warmed up for the countless ones that lie ahead.

Pep talks can range from long to short and sweet. It depends on what you need the pick-me-up for and how much time you are working with. Whether you give this talk mentally or vocalize the heck out of it, it has a lot of meaning because it came from the heart. You internalize it because your words are unhindered, most times, by things that aren't always in your best interest.

Pep talks can be done anywhere you're willing to be honest and open with yourself. There's no script, but if you're being real, you'll never really say the wrong thing to yourself. In the mirror, in your car, or right before bed, having these pep talks with yourself before reaching quarter-life will help keep you on track.

A Pep Talk To Try Something You've Never Done Before

Are you about to go skydiving with your girlfriends, or are you considering the idea of backpacking through Europe for a month? You'll need a pep talk for that, and it should highlight how there will never be a better time than the present moment when you're considering trying something epic. This pep talk should send you packing, and literally to new heights.

A Pep Talk To Follow Your Dreams, No Matter What

In the first half of your 20s, it might be a habit of yours to put your dreams on the shelf until you get done with what you need to do. Well, this pep talk will remind you that we will never be done with work priorities and chores. Those dreams are ultimately the pieces that truly show you who you are, so go embrace them.

A Pep Talk To Make The First Move With Someone You Really Like

"Go for it." That's exactly what you should be telling yourself when you really like someone but don't want to wait around for a Disney introduction that may never come. Be a go-getter in every aspect of your life with those pep talks on standby.

A Pep Talk Before That Job Interview You Really Want To Crush

Oh, the stress of going on an important job interview is all too real. You really want to slay this, because bills don't just disappear. Job interviews never really get any easier, but with a healthy chat from yourself — listing all of the positive reasons why you are the real MVP and this position is meant for you — this interview will be smooth sailing.

A Pep Talk To Remind You Of Your Self-Worth

Self-care, self-love, and self-worth can always be bunched together in a pep talk during your early 20s. You need that little pat on the back from yourself to reinforce the idea that you are doing your very best and have so much to offer the world. You need to be your own cheerleader.

A Pep Talk Before Dealing With Any Toxic People In Your Life

Yes, toxic people will summon a crucial pep talk. When addressing toxic people, you don't want to go in all willy nilly, because you'll end up expending energy you totally don't need to be wasting — because they don't deserve it. Having a chat with yourself beforehand about how you're not going to act or feed into toxicity, helps keep you from feeling drained after dealing with them.

A Pep Talk Before You Quit That Job You Despise

Calling it quits doesn't mean you're a quitter, and your pep should definitely include that. Sometimes, we take jobs that literally pay the bills and basically make us put our true dreams on hold in the meantime. When it's time to go, it's time to go! If you've never turned in a two weeks notice before, you're gonna need a chat to calm those nerves.

A Pep Talk Before You Walk Away From A Half-Finished Argument

A heated argument can amp you up with so much steam that you may feel like the best thing for you is to get far away from the problem at hand. It's the easy route for sure, but it doesn't solve anything at all. And depending on who that person you've left behind is, your pep talk should make you consider how much more damage you are doing by walking away instead of trying to figure out a solution.

Don't underestimate the power and influence of your pep talks. That little voice inside your head really knows what it's talking about.