20 Tiny Habits To Break Up With If You Want To Be Happy By The Time You Turn 25

There comes a time when you truly realize how insanely short life can be.

Summers used to be so much longer when we were younger, but now the long-awaited warm months seem to be nothing more than just a short blip in time.

Many of us fear we'll look back on life wishing we had done more, traveled more, loved harder, and checked off more items on our bucket lists.

Needless to say, none of us want to look back on our lives with regrets, so the time is now to surround ourselves with people and things we absolutely love.

Let's do this thing called life right, in every single aspect.

Here are 20 tiny habits to break up with for good if you want to be happy by the time you hit 25.


Milles Studio

Focus on doing you, and be content with your own decisions. Know in your heart it's OK to turn down plans you're not crazy about.

And let's be real here: It feels freaking great letting people miss you a little bit, amirite?

2. Using Bleach

Your clothes — aka that gorgeous sundress you bought just in time to make a swag fashion statement — will always end up getting ruined.

Just say goodbye and don't look back.

3. Carrying Only $5 In Your Wallet

Literally, we've all been there. And TBH, we're probably there right now.

4. Letting Other People's Opinions Bother You

Branislav Jovanović

People who aren't satisfied with their own lives will always try to say sh*t to get you down.

Don't let any of their negativity cramp your vibes; they're not worth your time or energy.

5. Rescheduling Plans With Someone Because You're “Too Busy”

Rescheduling usually just turns into an all-consuming cycle.

We're all busy. But it's important to make time for the people who matter most to us, or else those plans will simply never happen.

6. Shopping Until You Drop

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It may be an exhilarating rush in the moment when you drop a ton of money on a trendy outfit, but those credit card bills will be a total betch later on.

7. Putting Off Your Laundry

Make a to-do list and start checking things off.

You don't want to get to the end of the week and find you have absolutely nothing to wear.

8. Buying Outfits You Know You'll Never Wear

... And outfits you'll only break out of your closet once in a lifetime. Those count too, guys.

9. Overplanning On The Weekends

Andrey Pavlov

Weekends are golden and they go by too quickly as it is.

Overbooking will only leave you feeling stressed AF, rather than happy and rejuvenated once Monday morning rolls around.

10. Reacting Before Thinking Things Through

This one never ends well.

Take the time to completely think things over before saying something you may instantly regret.

11. Forgetting Garbage Day

This is just savage and vile. Take yo trash out, girl!

12. Making Excuses To Get Out Of Going To The Gym

Jovana Rikalo

Does running down the block to get some Emack & Bolio's count as cardio? #OOPS.

13. Talking Trash About Someone

If they're saying crap about you, don't sink to their level.

Karma is a real thing, and she can be a complete betch when she wants to be.

14. Letting Him Back Into Your Life When You Know You Shouldn't

Jayme Burrows

Stay true to your gut — you ended things for a reason. If he was bad for you before, odds are he'll be bad for you now, too.

15. Comparing Your Life To Anyone Else's

Make your own mark in this world, and don't let anyone sway you otherwise.

16. Having A Boyfriend Just For The Sake Of Having Someone


If your heart's not into it, then what's the point? You'll be miserable the whole damn time.

Embrace your time as a single lady like the awesome, boss chick you are.

17. Partying Your Way Through The Week.

When you have to get up for work at 6 a.m. every day, this gets real old, real fast.

18. Feeling Like You Have To Go Out To The Bar Every Weekend


Sometimes, a gal just needs a girl's night in, complete with chick flicks, wine, and some highly anticipated chocolate fudge ice cream.

19. Forgetting To Pay Your Rent On Time

Even though dishing out part of your paycheck towards rent totally blows, it has to get done.

If you're prone to forgetting about dropping the check in the mail, set a reminder on your phone or put it on your calendar each month in neon marker so it's literally impossible to forget.

20. Not Giving Your Life All You Have To Give

Jacob Lund

Don't hold back, and don't waste even a second just waiting for incredible things to come your way, because they won't!

Life is way too short to not put yourself out there every single day with a positive mindset. Make your daily routine the best it can be.

Get involved in your community, make plans with your friends, and immerse yourself in the hobby you've always dreamed of taking on.

You're only given one life to live -- don't waste it.