Women Reveal The Most Interesting Person They've Dated & Yeah, They Aren't Kidding

by Candice Jalili

As far as I'm concerned, there is one thing and one thing only that is the true enemy of a healthy, happy relationship — and that's boredom. Most people are interesting in those first few getting-to-know-you dates, but the key is choosing to be with someone whose intrigue lasts beyond those first few encounters. I'm sure we've all met some pretty intriguing people in our time, but who's the most interesting person you've ever dated? A recent Reddit thread asked ladies to share the most interesting person to date, based on their own personal experience.

Let's just say these women weren't lying — the people they dated certainly do sound... interesting. Read along.

A good storyteller with an even better voice.

My current boyfriend. He has so many hobbies and he's into so many different things. He also has one of those voices that you can't ignore. Once he starts telling a story, you're tuned in and can't stop listening. Lots of charisma. He's fascinating and I'm never bored.


A coffee aficionado who's also into cheese making.

My current partner. He’s incredibly smart and well read, teaches me a lot about philosophy, and has a lot of interesting passions (coffee technology, home brewing, cheese making, etc).
He’s really funny and creative and is really good at making up new games and jokes that make me laugh. I never get bored with him.


A devil worshipper.

I had a boyfriend who was a devil worshipper (and I'm not a devil worshipper). He was very eccentric. His views of everything were unique. He had a Satan tattoo as well as a pentagram tattoo. He also made some very interesting music + he had successfully turned his closet into a mini pot farm (which is super illegal in my state). I'm not really sure why I liked him, but he was really nice and he definitely wasn't the stereotypical kind of person you would think of being a devil worshipper; he was really happy that I didn't judge him for his beliefs.


A like-minded individual who does their homework.

My boyfriend. I love the way he thinks, and it's similar to the way I think, so it's super interesting to see either (a) us come to the same conclusion but have entirely different reasoning behind it or (b) us follow the same exact thought process on something and then come to two completely different conclusions.
We can talk about deep things and encourage each other's crazy when the time is right. When he talks about something he's passionate about he lights up, and he's really great at explaining things in a way that I can understand, even if I have no idea what he's talking about. He is also very thoughtful about things, so when he comes to some sort of conclusion, I know that it's thoroughly researched and thought out for the most part. I love love love talking to him!


A well-connected political heir, minus the ego.

My current boyfriend. He's the grandson of a former congressman so he has a lot of interesting connections and experiences, but isn't entitled by any means and works really hard for he has. He's incredibly smart and we can discuss interesting topics. Coming from a conservative family and culture it's also refreshing for me to be able to talk about things like gender equality with him (and he's totally on board).


A jack of all trades with a "great sense of humor."

My boyfriend. He's very well rounded, knows a bit about everything, and a lot about some things. He can talk about finance and investing, music, religion, fashion, and psychology, and everything in between. He has a great sense of humor, and although we live together, spend most of our free time together, and have been dating for several years, I still haven't gotten bored.


A drug dealer with some "outrageous" tendencies.

I dated a coke dealer, that was pretty interesting. He would just always do the outrageous sh*t, never a dull moment. Obviously not a sustainable relationship, lasted maybe 1-2 months.


A Celtic God with a heart of gold.

Boring answer probably but my husband easily. He's a delightfully odd, very kind and sensitive man in the physical form of some young Celtic god. He's funny, smart, never runs out of weird things to say, and I've never been bored with him.


Here's to hoping we all find a love as interesting and exciting as these women. Also, let's hope that maybe we don't find love with drug dealers or anyone engaged in illegal activity. But hey, to each their own!

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