8 Little Things Genuinely Happy People Do On The Regular

Where would we be without happy people? You know — the type of people who always come into the office smiling, and without a doubt have something pleasant to say. We need a manual for the little things happy people do, so that we can experience even a fraction of that uplifting and positive attitude on a daily basis.

Honestly, how could you not envy that? Well, don't think happy people are part of a prophecy that solemnly chooses them to walk this earth with a smile. Happiness is always a choice, and happy people almost ritualistically make it so they can radiate and bask in contentment on the regular.

Genuinely happy people seemingly float through life on their positive vibes like gravity doesn't exist. Do they sell this stuff in a store or something? I'm afraid not. Like most habits, happiness takes not only a dedicated mindset, but a routine that serves as a catalyst toward it. By surrounding yourself with positivity in all aspects of your life, you will truly reap the rewards. But, the idea of maintaining happiness varies because we are all different, and the same things don't apply for each of us. Want to join the club? Happy people are likely to practice a few things in their everyday life so they can keep in good spirits.

They Accept Who They Are, But Aren't Afraid Of Growth

Happy people basically walk out the door knowing who they are is who they are today. Yes, they have aspirations for themselves, but everyday is not this game of comparing themselves to other people or to who they haven't grown to be just yet.

In other words, they have goals for who they want to be, but they know there's a process to getting there. They're simply enjoying every bit of this ride we call life.

They Give A Compliment When It's Due

Did you try out a new lipstick or are you rocking a new hairstyle? If a happy person likes it, they will surely tell you, and somehow you, always know it's genuine when it comes from them. Geese, where were these precious gems all throughout high school?

They Give Themselves Ultimate Pep Talks

Whether this is a mental pep talk or out loud, happy people are their very own hype person. They cheer themselves on to start the day or meditate so that they can have clear thoughts to face the world. Days aren't mapped out to unfold a specific way — you make them what they are.

They Don't Let Small Things Get Them Down

You know how many of us get pissed when our mobile order at Starbucks isn't ready or it tastes a bit off? Happy people don't do that. If anything, they're the ones waiting patiently or nicely asking that barista for an extra pump of caramel. Miraculously, when you aren't fuming over a cup of coffee, the rest of the day ain't so bad. And when you put everything into perspective, there are much bigger things going on in the world than your coffee order.

They Try To Not Check Social Media All Day

It seems that there's so much time spent on social media, that people don't know how to unplug from it. Happy people aren't anti-Facebook or Twitter, but they aren't spending hours scrolling through their feeds, either. Happy people likely find time to read, hit up the trails for a hike, or do something that doesn't involve a battery or wire.

They Stay Away From Negativity

Negative people, conversations, or situations? A happy person is totally OK with ditching them. Negativity is contagious, and the more you surround yourself with it, the more it rubs off on you. Not even an incredibly cheerful person can withstand consistent and unwanted negativity.

They Make Time For Something They Love

Dipping into a passion sometime during the day is definitely means to being happy. Do you like drawing? Even doodling on napkins during your train ride is something that puts a smile on your face. Happy people make time for those little gems in their life, because they're priceless to them.

They Truly Appreciate Life Itself

Life is the big picture. Happy people consciously consider the idea that they are living and breathing. They're grateful, and don't take their very heartbeat for granted. When you think in that light, you can't help but feel a surge of joy and luckiness. You may not have everything you want, but with life itself, you have what you need to live or at least start.

So, the next time you see a happy person, think twice about what they do on the daily to keep that smile on their face.