8 Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwiches That Take #FoodPorn To A New Level Of Extra

OK, it's time to focus our undivided attention on the upcoming holiday of food consumption. Thanksgiving is any foodie's favorite holiday, and if you do it right, the days following are fulfilling as well. Leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches are almost as good as the original meal, and we couldn't ask for anything more grand to put in our brown paper bags.

From the savory stuffing and mashed potatoes, to the cranberry sauce, your sandwich has all of the most potent ingredients to satisfy those tastebuds for days on end. Talk about lunch envy. You'll have to keep an extra eye on your sandwich in the employee fridge because any sign of Thanksgiving leftover goodness is placed on the "might get eaten" list.

Thanksgiving basically adds some extra bling to our turkey sandwiches. No matter what sort of arrangement you and your family put together each year, more than half of it can end up in your sandwiches. Who doesn't like options for their sandwich add-ons? There's no exact science to making the perfect Thanksgiving sandwich, but some people have definitely set the bar high on what's possible. So, if you're already thinking about packing your sandwich with holiday goodness this year, take some tips from these leftover entrepreneurs. And if you want to take a stab at making the infamous sandwich from Friends, here's a tutorial that defines #FoodPorn perfection.

No Bread? No Problem
Karen on Twitter

This is such a good way to make use of that leftover stuffing after the festivities. Forget buying bread; use stuffing as a base.

This sandwich seems like it would taste so flavorful. It'll be like you're sitting at the Thanksgiving table all over again. Stuffing is seriously so yummy, and quite necessary in the name of the holiday.

Triple Stacked
Southern Made Simple on Twitter

There's no such thing as overkill when it comes to creating a Thanksgiving sandwich. This gem of a sandwich with three pieces of bread gives you two levels to add some deliciousness into the mix.

Who doesn't love having options? This sandwich is so extra, and we are incredibly here for it. The apple butter is a very interesting touch, too.

Croissant Couture
Saint Nicholas on Twitter

OK, pinkies up. Anything involving a croissant (aka fancy bread) is keeping it classy. Real foodies know it doesn't taste the same as regular bread. The choice of bread could literally make or break your sandwich. Sheesh, why is gravy so sexy? It goes with just about everything, and on a sandwich, it's pure gold.

You Had Me At Grilled Cheese
Life Tastes Good on Twitter

When two sandwich worlds collide, you get this beauty. A grilled cheese sandwich and a turkey sandwich combined is like sprinkling a diamond with gold flakes. It's the only bling a foodie needs when it comes to Thanksgiving sandwiches. You'll get the warm sensation of the turkey along with that gooey cheese, and you'll be prepared to set sail into a food coma.

Brunch Sandwich
Hayden Walker on Twitter

Forget lunch. A brunch Thanksgiving sandwich is the way to go if you want to incorporate turkey into your breakfast. That egg, though? That's the perfect addition to your sandwich, and you'll never eat eggs the same again. Why can't Thanksgiving happen at least once a month? Our sandwiches need it.

The Works
Foodarama on Twitter

Can we please have a moment of silence for every sandwich we've seen before this one that will not be sorely missed? This is the Holy Mecca of Thanksgiving sandwiches. The touch of fluffy mashed potatoes and stuffing will make anyone forget that they ate these things separately on their Thanksgiving plate.

Don't Sleep On The Vegan Options

So, not everyone is carving turkey for Thanksgiving, and that's definitely OK. Actually, many vegan options taste the same or even better than non-vegan ingredients. It even looks the same. If you're vegan, you're still making the most out of those Thanksgiving leftovers and slaying the sandwich game.

Gravy Drizzle For The Win
ChefTronic on Twitter

Get ready for a finger licking good sandwich if you go nuts with the gravy. The best sandwiches are usually the ones that have you reaching for a paper towel after each bite. Let's not forget that this sandwich looks seriously Instagram-worthy. If there were gold stars given for sandwiches, this one would have it.

Making Thanksgiving sandwiches with leftovers is one of the best parts of the holiday. Stack with a purpose and chow down with devotion.