8 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Scenes That Prove Khloé Is Going To Be The Best Mom

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Admit it, in an extensive family that often seems to be of its own species, Khloé Kardashian is the snarky sister who often makes fun of exactly what Keeping Up with the Kardashians event we're snickering over at home. For so long, she's been the relatable, fun Kardashian who's brutally honest and everyone's go-to for a laugh. Now expecting her first child amidst a major Kardashian baby boom, we've turned to eight KUWTK scenes that prove Khloé will be an amazing mother.

Often the older sister that Kendall and Kylie Jenner turn to for advice, Khloé is no stranger to reassuring young kids about their lives and decisions. Heck, even I'd want to talk to Khloé about my problems! Although she's the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters, loyal viewers will know that Khloé is sometimes the most logical person in the family, adding the true "reality" to the E! show.

After Kim and Kourtney popped out so many babies the past few years, we couldn't be happier that Khloé's time to have her own child is finally here. The show running for over 10 years has given us plenty of moments proving that Khloé will be a natural when it comes to motherhood, so here are some of our favorites!

Khloé Wanted To Learn About Guns For Self-Defense
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While Kim's point about not wanting guns in a house with kids was valid, Khloé made a great argument about joining Kendall in being educated on how to use a weapon in an emergency. Viewers may not have a stalker following them or a beautiful L.A. mansion to look after like Kendall does, but young single women watching could relate to Khloé's reasoning for learning about guns. There are unconfirmed rumors that Khloé is expecting a boy, but I see her as someone that would preach the importance of self-defense to her child regardless of gender.

She Showed She's Not Afraid Of Talking About Difficult Things
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I don't think the relationship between Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians is currently at its best but, immediately following Bruce Jenner's transition, Khloé was one of the more accepting family members. She was vocal with Caitlyn about her struggles in dealing with the loss of her stepfather, but still expressed a fierce loyalty to her mother Kris's well-being. Nothing about this kind of situation is easy, but Khloé showed that facing difficulty in life doesn't daunt her.

She Was An Unconventional Mediator For Kourtney And Scott
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Oy, Kourtney and Scott. We scratched our heads over them for years, and while they're not together anymore, we could always rely on Khloé for expressing exactly how we felt about the dysfunctional, on-and-off relationship. In this particular scene, she summed up everyone's bewilderment when Kourtney and Scott concluded their argument by giddily skipping off together. Yeah, they were always pretty weird.

She Called Kylie Out For Ditching Her Sisters
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When all of the sisters were reunited at a party celebrating Kylie's magazine cover shoot, Kylie cut the hangout short when her now ex Tyga invited her to visit another club. Khloé confronted her youngest sister right away, emphasizing that she was only there to see Kylie. Moms need to call their kids out on bad behavior, and Khloé clearly has no qualms about pointing out what someone does wrong.

She Educated Kris About Safe Sex
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No matter what, talking about sex with your mom is awkward, but Khloé proved that she's willing to grin and bear it for a discussion of the birds and the bees. Her future child probably won't appreciate the same humor that Khloe uses in this scene, but we certainly like it.

She Stayed Calm In A Scary Situation
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In 2015, Khloé, Kim, and Kylie were involved in a car accident in Montana when Khloé was driving. Although all three panicked during the initial moment, Khloé calmly took charge afterwards, calling for help and becoming a quiet, confident presence. Khloé also put a positive spin on the scenario, pointing out that close calls like this remind you of what is truly important in life.

She Knew How To Deal With Kylie's Teenage Angst
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The Kardashian matriarch Kris can be a bit much sometimes, and Khloé tried to help Kylie deal when she clashed with their mother. Although every teen inevitably argues with their parents, Khloé has always proven that she can achieve a great balance between being direct and being soothing.

She Was Genuinely Excited About Motherhood
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Although fans have speculated about Khloé's pregnancy for months, she only recently confirmed it, and the news was also shared on KUWTW. In this clip showing Khloé moments after finding out she's pregnant, she's understandably dazed but thrilled. Just look at her expression! It's a soft, glowing look that we don't often see on Khloé, and anyone can tell that she's been looking forward to this for years.

Good luck to Khloé with the rest of her pregnancy! Here's hoping that we see some beautiful footage of her as a new mother on KUWTW.