Pompberry showing off her Christmas Freckles on YouTube.

8 Holiday 2020 Makeup Ideas For Festive, Beautiful Fun

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Courtesy of Pompberry on YouTube

In the Before Times, when faced with the knowledge that I'd be seeing a lot of people, my mind would always jump to how to make a lasting first impression. And that immediately made me wonder what kind of makeup look I should do. A relaxed family event, seeing friends, a swanky party — they all require a different vibe in the makeup aesthetics department. Even though we're not headed anywhere to celebrate the holiday season and the end of 2020 that's not the couch, there are still an abundance of holiday 2020 makeup ideas you can rock on Zoom. With varying degrees of festiveness, a killer holiday makeup look is going to make you the star of any and every virtual party you have on your calendar.

There are so many things to be inspired by during the holidays. Between the colors, movies, imagery, and coziness, December is always bursting with bold and colorful beauty ideas. Flexing on family members is probably one of the best parts of the holiday season, second only to presents, and this year I intend to have the most festive face at the virtual dinner table. The only question remaining is whether or not I should go classic and luxurious or lean in to something more over-the-top. My current plan is a change-up halfway through the day.

For everyone else who doesn't quite yet know what their look is going to be, load up your holiday playlist and clean your brushes. Below, you'll find some of the cutest holiday 2020 makeup looks out there. Whether you're a beauty novice or practically a MUA, you'll find these tutorials are right up your alley.


NikkieTutorials, as per always, has an easy to recreate, full-glam holiday tutorial. In her finished look, she looks straight out of old Hollywood. This look is classy and boasts some serious shine, which makes it perfect for any fancier holiday events you have planned over Zoom or FaceTime.

MsSilver MUA

If you're looking for something to take your holiday makeup to the next level, MsSilver MUA has a super quick candy cane lips tutorial. While I'm obsessed with her red and green eyeliner, you can pair these lips with pretty much any eye makeup for a jolly touch.

Latina Beautty

Another holiday idea comes from Latina Beautty, whose "Easy Christmas Makeup Tutorial" shows off a maximalist eye shadow vibe. It has red, green, and a healthy dose of glitter. What else do you need? And if you're celebrating Hanukkah, you can swap out the red and green for blue and yellow.

Annika Osterland

This year, if you want to be as fire as your menorah, Osterland's tutorial is effortless and impressive. She explains her brush choices, makes mistakes, and ensures her viewers understand which products she's using and why.

Jackie Aina

As one of the most popular Beautubers out there, Aina's holiday look is a must-know. This tutorial uses a lot of berry shades, which are a great way to bring some winter colors into your face without using the expected red, silver, gold, and green.

Ashley Quiroz

Or, instead of sleek and sexy, you can go straight to a winter wonderland. Quiroz turned her eyelids into a snowy tree farm. Despite the seemingly difficult shapes, as long as you go slowly, you'll be carving the Whoville ham in no time. I've also never seen such an easy cut crease how-to before.


Now that you're done with your eyes, you can take the shapes down to your cheeks with Pompberry's Christmas freckles. I like to do makeup, but when I saw this thumbnail, my first thought was this would be absolutely impossible recreate. But with Pompberry's advice, you can decorate your face as much as your tree.

Makeup with Jah

Say hello to the newest Ice Queen look you'll love with Makeup with Jah's holiday tutorial. This look doesn't involve a lot of color, so if you prefer to keep your makeup on the shinier, glossier side, you should definitely follow Jah's tutorial.

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