8 Creative Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together From Forever 21

Straying away from the pop-up costume stores this year? Wanting to put together your own costume is totally understandable. It's not always fun running into someone who pulled their costume out of the same bag you did when you're out and about for Halloween. Browsing the internet and coming up with some Halloween costume ideas from Forever 21 will be both unique and veered towards your taste and comfort.

What an untapped gem, right? Forever 21 has definitely been there when we needed a quick but chic outfit for an impromptu night out. Why can't it serve the same purpose for Halloween? Lucky for you, Forever 21's "Into the Night" collection has everything you'd need to assemble a fun costume.

The great thing about this is that there are dozens of different variations and combos you can toy with. Needless to say, there is a less likely chance that others will look like you when you're out to play this Halloween. You probably already frequent this store on the regular, so you might as well knock out two birds with one stone. So, if you're still up in the air about assembling a costume, these Forever 21 outfits may have you scrambling for your keys and headed to the mall immediately.

A Flower Child

Sheer Velvet Floral Jumpsuit, $24.90, Forever 21

OK, bear with me now. Imagine this amazingly fashionable black and nude jumpsuit with a pair of adorable floral cat ears. Boom! It literally just took two items to complete a gorgeous outfit for Halloween. Not only will you have mobility, but it's also a super unique duo.

A Rockstar
Forever 21

Fringed Maxi Skort, $58, Forever 21

Slay all day in this fringed maxi skort. Skorts are one of the best inventions for us ladies. Keep the seductive sexiness of a skirt look, but have that security blanket with the shorts underneath. You'll be set to dance the night away. Pair this skirt with your black leather jacket, and rock out.

An Alien
Forever 21

Plus Size Alien Print Bodysuit, $14.90, Forever 21

You may be on earth, but you're about to appear out of this world with this alien bodysuit. Look out ET, because no one will be phoning home once they get a look at you. A pair of black fishnets would go so well with this costume. Have fun with it.

A Race Car Driver
Forever 21

Hot Wheels Bodysuit, $27.90, Forever 21

Try not to speed when you're rocking this bodysuit. Oh, and don't forget a dope pair of sunglasses for the road. You can put on a pair of jeans with this, or get sexy AF and rock a black leather mini skirt. It's up to you, you speed demon.

Scary Spice
Forever 21

Plus Size Sheer Mesh Leopard Top, $12.90, Forever 21

Scary Spice was one of the fiercest ladies to rock leopard. So much so, that it would be an incredible honor to be her as a Halloween costume. Seriously, she's epic. And if you are daring enough to max out with the leopard print, you may want these fierce leopard ankle boots, too.

A Hippie
Forever 21

Plus Size Geo Flared Pants, $28, Forever 21

With these flare bottom pants, platforms, and peace sign jewelry, you'll be all set for a hippie costume this year. You'll probably end up wearing these pants way more than just for Halloween. They seem so incredibly comfortable and make a statement.

A Mermaid
Forever 21

Open-Back Sequin Romper, $38, Forever 21

From fin to fabulous, this sequin romper screams magical mermaid. Why are rompers so fun to wear? Go crazy with the body glitter makeup for this get up. Maybe even put some trickling down that open-back portion. Expect to be the shiniest gem in the room.

G.I. Jane
Forever 21

Plus Size Camo Print Mini Skirt, $22.90, Forever 21

Usually camo is worn to blend in, but being G.I. Jane pops out in any crowd. Everyone will be standing to attention when you walk in with this authoritative look. This skirt gives it a sensual touch that doesn't take away from the point of the costume. Some dog tags couldn't hurt, either.

Head on over to Forever 21, or search their stuff online. There's an assortment of options for anyone trying to assemble a real gem this Halloween.