8 Growing Pains Your Friend Group Will Likely Go Through After College

Graduating from college is a big accomplishment. Now, you're in that transitional period as you go from school life to work life. It's a big change that not only affects your day to day, but you'll notice some growing pains your friend group faces after you graduate. Your squad was everything to you in school. Without them, you would not have made it through every final, late-night studying sesh (and don't get me started on navigating all those college parties). Now that you're moving on, you plan on doing what you can to keep your crew together, but that doesn't mean you won't hit a few bumps along the way.

Your college is likely what brought you all together, so what happens when you remove that from the equation? It's very similar to removing the training wheels from your bike. You will definitely wobble as you try to ride on your own. Your besties mean the world to you, so you're willing to wobble a bit to keep close with them. However, that doesn't mean that the struggle won't be real.

Your friend group will experience these eight growing pains when trying to stay close. Hopefully for you, your friendship is strong enough to keep it going.

Coordinating Plans With Your Different Schedules When Everyone Starts Working

Once you leave school, you may feel the need to hit the ground running with your career. Depending on what job you're going for, you and your friends may have very different schedules to work around. It's very different from catching up in the quad after class.

Now, you have to work around multiple work schedules. It may seem impossible, but don't give up, you will likely find a time to that works for everyone to meet up for drinks or a movie. It will be worth the challenge.

Dealing With The Distance When Some Of You Move Away

Let's face it; not all of your friend group will end up in the same place after graduation. You may even be scattered all around the country. The long-distance will be hard at first, but through FaceTime and group chats, you'll find a way to keep in touch.

Finding Your New Hangout Spots That Aren't On Campus

Your go-to spots to hang were the campus coffee shop, library, dorm room, or even the quad. Now, you have to find some fun hangout spots that aren't on campus. It may be hard to find a place that is convenient for everyone, but trying out different brunch spots, bars, and coffee shops to find the right one can be a fun way to keep in touch while you decide.

Changing Up The Conversation From Just School Topics
Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

When in college, most of your conversations were probably about term papers, professors, and college parties. Now, when you want to vent, it might be about your work. When your friends are out of the loop, it'll be hard getting everyone on the same page, but they are always there to listen when you need them.

Plus, don't worry, you can always talk about the episodes of The Office that you all used to watch in your dorm rooms. Those nostalgic topics will always hold a special place in your heart.

Having The Patience To Deal With The Changes That Are To Come

Not only are you dealing with changes in your friend group, but you're also adjusting to work life and adulthood. You may feel overwhelmed by everything going on, but just know you'll get the hang of it all. You just need patience.

Finding That Work-Life Balance

It truly is a balancing act, trying to deal with both working and living your life. You may be totally overwhelmed after a day of work, and not wanting to go out for drinks with your friends. Luckily, they are your besties and totally understand. If you're exhausted, suggest a low-key night instead. I'm sure they'll appreciate your honesty, too.

Dealing With Losing Touch With A Few Friends Along The Way

It's inevitable that along the way, you will lose touch with a friend or two. It's hard keeping a big group together. You just have to remember that some friends come and go, but the ones who are meant to be in your life, will find a way to be in it for the long run. Pretty soon, you'll realize the ones that stuck around after college, truly are your forever friends.

Finding The Easiest Way To Keep In Touch

Not everyone is good at group chats, some of us don't have a big social media presence, and a lot of us just can't do phone calls. It's hard keeping a big friend group in touch when you're all in different places. When you're not able to run into one other all the time on campus or in the dorms, you have to find a way that works for you to stay connected. Between Slack, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or just group text, you'll find something that works for everyone.