Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, doing homework while on the phone with her mom.

8 Halloween Costumes For People With Dark Hair That Are Wildly Easy To Do

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With inflatable monsters on buildings, candy on shelves dwindling, and a bite in the air, there's no question at all what holiday is about to end as quickly as it began. Even as you ready yourself to gorge on fun-sized candy bars, you may not be fully prepared with a costume. If you find yourself struggling with what to be this Oct. 31, and you happen to be a brunette, there are a bunch of easy Halloween costumes for dark hair.

I personally hate wearing cheap Halloween wigs. They always end up tangled, my head gets super hot, and I always rip it off before the end of the night, ruining my costume. I just don't have the talent or patience for it that others seem to have. And, as a recent dark-hair convert, I didn't realize how endless the costume possibilities are, so there's no need to even fuss around with a wig. From those who like to dress on the sexy side to for those who prefer classic callbacks to the jokers, there's a dark-haired costume for everyone.

While I can't tell you what I'm going to be for Halloween out of fear you'll steal my idea, there are plenty of other original ideas out there for the taking. And you don't have to go out and buy a bunch of things you'll only wear once. Without further ado, below are the easiest Halloween costumes for dark-haired people.

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Bella Swan

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Hold on tight, spider monkey. Someone who runs with vampires is a great Halloween look, but even better, the Twilight renaissance is still going strong. I think the easiest and most iconic Bella outfit to recreate is her first-day-of-school bowling shirt on top of a long-sleeved shirt. You can use any green button-down you have on hand if you don't own a bowling shirt.

Betty Boop

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I have a love of slip dresses that boarders on obsessive, and I could use any of them to get a Betty Boop, pin-up look. Though her movies were made in mostly black-and-white, the cartoon is most recognizable in red. Even if you don't own a collection of slip dresses, you can use a little black or red dress paired with a leg garter, hoops, and bright red lipstick to sell your Betty Boop costume.

Wednesday Addams

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The Addams family owns Halloween with their unceasing commitment to Gothic styles, and Wednesday is my favorite of the bunch. A simple, long-sleeved black dress and tights are all you need.


Courtesy of DC

In honor of Zoë Kravitz taking over the role of Catwoman in the latest Batman movie, you can't go wrong this classic character. If you have a black jumpsuit lying around from costumes past, you can repurpose it for this look with a pair of cat ears.

Noel Fielding on The Great British Bake Off

Courtesy of BBC Studios

Noel Fielding is just *chef's kiss* on The Great British Bake Off. He's funny, calming, and has great style. From cozy, oversized sweaters to graphic button downs, the comedian brings it every time.

Jane from Daria

Courtesy of ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks

Jane from Daria is a great costume to throw together if you're in a rush. Her look consists of a red blazer, black v-neck, black denim shorts, and combat boots. The hardest part to capture is probably her affected teenage nature.

Penelope Taynt from the Amanda Show

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

This blast from the past is sure to get you extra points from everyone who remembers The Amanda Show. Penelope Taynt's unwavering dedication to Amanda is unmatched. Her go-to look is a plaid shirt underneath some form of a vest. Maybe make yourself a little computer so you can show off

Tina Belcher

Courtesy 20th Century Fox Television

The Belchers are one of the sweetest families on TV, and Tina's dry affect, butt-obsession, and friend-fictions all make her super endearing. For those who have a lot of blue in their closets, a Tina costume is as easy as just grabbing a jean skirt, blue t-shirt, and glasses.