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These Conversation Topics Are Perf For Your Date With A Virgo


Dating a Virgo can be a wonderful journey full of growth and self-discovery. The only catch is, getting this reserved sign to open up can be tough. Their approach to life is based on the close observation and analysis of people which makes them extremely intuitive, but also contributes to what some consider to be judgmental tendencies. However, this isn't always the case. For the right match, Virgo's genuine passion for optimization and improvement will be welcomed additions to the relationship. So, here are the perfect conversation topics for your date with a Virgo that will help you get to know them on a deeper level.

1. How They Grew Up.

Virgos are not typically known for being sentimental, and they tend to avoid making themselves too vulnerable. That's why asking about their childhood is a great way to get them talking about their background without making them feel like you're prying too much.

2. Where They See Themselves In Five Years.

As a mutable earth sign, Virgos are all about making detail-oriented plans for their future. So, chances are, they will have plenty to say about their short and long term goals, and how they plan to achieve them.

3. Their Close Friends.

Anyone who's ever dated or been friends with a Virgo knows how seriously they take friendship. These loving and loyal souls really come alive when talking about their friends.


4. The Last Good Book They Read.

Virgos have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which oftentimes manifests itself as a passion for reading. Allowing them to gush about their latest literary obsession is never a bad idea.

5. Their Favorite Solo Activities.

When on a date with a Virgo, you will gain a ton of insight about who they are and what makes them tick by asking about how they spend their alone time.

6. The Achievement They're Most Proud Of.

Their drive for success makes Virgo one of the hardest-working signs in the zodiac. By letting them talk about their accomplishments, you're subconsciously communicating that you're supportive of their ambition. Being with a partner who understands their career-oriented mindset is major.

7. Self-improvement.

It's going to be tough to have a successful relationship with a Virgo if you don't prioritize personal growth and self-improvement. That's why it's so important to find ways to bond over your respective growth goals.

8. What They Like About Their Work.

If you're really having trouble cracking a Virgo, and they don't seem to keen on talking about their personal life, work should be a conversation topic that warms them up. Their passion for what they do will no doubt come through.

Although first dates can be nerve-wracking no matter how much you prepare, having talking points ready can help ease some of the nerves. And remember, even if your first date with a Virgo feels awkward, try not to write them off too soon, as getting to know these guys can be a slow burn.