8 B-Day Date Ideas For Water Signs That’ll Make A Splash

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The water signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are a very complex trio. Outwardly, they all seem different from one another. Cancer is a bit reserved, Scorpio can come off very intense, and Pisces is a dreamer with their head in the clouds. What binds these three together is how in-tune they are with their emotions. And although they don't all wear it on their sleeves, they all have huge romantic streaks, along with a desire to find a powerful and forever kind of love. So when you're brainstorming birthday date ideas for water signs, you want to think about how each activity offers an opportunity for connection and closeness. Think cozy, romantic, and creative with just a hint of danger and excitement.

Whether they admit it or not, birthdays are kind of a big deal for the water signs. That's because the effort you put into making their days special is a tangible way for them to see how much you really care. It's not that they lack confidence in your love, so much as they tend to be very sensitive and emotional, which means they really appreciate being reminded of how special they are to you. If their birthday is coming up soon, it's probably a good idea to start putting some celebratory plans in motion. Here's some inspiration to help you start planning your water sign partner's big day.

1. Celebrate close to the water.

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Because they're water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces feel a spiritual connection to the element. As a result, any opportunity to be near a body of water is going to be a special one. Whether that’s a bonfire on the beach, a weekend at a lake house, or a dinner cruise for two, any activity near water has the makings for a very special birthday date.

2. Create a tasting menu.

Treat your water sign partner to a special birthday tasting menu, whether that's one made professionally by a chef or by you at home. For Cancer and Pieces, this gesture will speak to their romantic side, whereas Scorpio will love the sense of adventure in trying something new and sensual.

3. Put on a private burlesque show.

If you want to make your partner’s birthday a more intimate affair, consider putting on a special burlesque performance for them in the comfort of your own home. This one takes a bit of pre-planning, and you may want to consider taking some online courses to brush up on your burlesque skills. Then, get ready to make their birthday wishes come true with some extra shimmy.

4. Put together a desserts-only picnic.

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Picnics are romantic enough for water signs to appreciate them, but you can take it to the next level by making it extra sweet (literally) with a desserts-only menu. Think strawberries and whipped cream, birthday cake, and maybe even some peppermint schnapps spiked hot chocolate for that double dose of sweet aphrodisiacs, chocolate and alcohol.

5. Splurge on a couples tarot reading.

Give your water sign partner the gift of the future with an online tarot reading for the two of you. Both Pisces and Scorpio will especially enjoy this birthday, as it gets into the more spiritual and occult territory. As for Cancer? They'll just be happy to hear more about how secure your future is together.

6. Participate in a virtual murder mystery night.

If your water sign’s perfect birthday date is more of a social affair, add a spooky and interactive element by hosting a digital murder mystery party with all their friends. Scorpio will love the opportunity to solve a mystery, and the hint of macabre will speak to them too. Make sure to dress up in your role and just have fun with this unique, who-done-it birthday date.

7. Attend a drive-in movie.

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Going to the movies may not seem like the best birthday date night, but a drive-in movie just hits a little different. For one thing, you can cozy up together under a blanket and share movie snacks. But it also feels like you're in your own little bubble where you have the theatre all to yourself — and that kind of privacy makes for a great makeout sesh opportunity too.

8. Go for a photoshoot hike.

If your partner is the outdoorsy type, then make their birthday special with a scenic hike and picnic for the two of you. Then, take it to the next level with a special photoshoot. This will appeal to the highly creative side of your water sign partner, plus you'll be creating memories that you can craft into an art wall or special photo album at home.

Water signs do love celebrating their birthday, but mostly because it's an opportunity to feel close to the person they love. Make the most of that by planning a date night that shows them how much of a gift they are in your life every day.