These Best Travel Apps Will Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Next Girls' Trip

Thanks to technology, we've all got a personal and free trip planner sitting right in the palm of our hands. There's an app for everything nowadays, and I think that we can all agree that these gadgets make life so much easier. There's no need to wait years or even months to plan a trip in 2018. There are some of the best travel apps that can help you plan the perfect trip with your girls, quite literally, ASAP.

You can book everything from your hotel to your rental car with a few touches of a button. How perfect is that? You can also choose where to eat based on your favorite app. You can even communicate with people who speak an entirely different language with a simple app. We like to think of having a bunch of apps as being one step ahead of the game in this day and age.

After a long week or year, there's no better feeling than escaping for some much-needed quality time with your girls. Planning a trip doesn't need to be stressful, and you shouldn't have to worry about being on edge once you arrive. With these apps, you'll return from an amazing trip feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Best App For A Last-Minute Girls' Trip

Are you longing for a last-minute girls' trip to Vegas? The HotelTonight app will help you book last-minute hotels at a discounted rate. Basically, hotels upload their unbooked rooms onto the app for exclusive deals. It's perfect for those of us who are always down for a fun, spontaneous adventure. This is one instance where procrastination actually pays off.

Best App For Splitting The Bill

There's nothing worse than scrambling over your check to figure out who owes what when you're traveling in a big group. According to their website, Splitwise is an app that will calculate who owes what for you. You can input all costs into the app, and it will break it down for you. You can even set email reminders to avoid that awkward conversation about how much your bestie still owes you!

Best App For Creating A Dope Playlist

Do you have songs that take you back to an exact moment in time? In this way, music can be one of the best ways to keep intangible memories of your trip.

You can pull out this app whenever you hear a dope song in a restaurant or club. Shazam will identify any song that you hear and save it to your phone for future reference. The best part? You'll have a playlist that will always reminds you of your epic girls' trip — because every amazing trip always has a soundtrack.

Best App For Finding Awesome Flight Deals
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We all love an epic flight deal, am I right? There's nothing like knowing you just saved hundreds on a flight, along with hotels and car rentals, too.

Skyscanner helps you search for the best flight deals around the world. This is also a great app for the indecisive traveler. So many places to see, so little time — I get it! That's why I love the app's "Everywhere" function that allows you to see the best deals from your departure city to destinations around the world.

Best App For Photo Sharing AND Trip Planning

You didn't think I'd leave this one out, did you? We all know that Instagram is a great place to share your wanderlust adventures. It doesn't stop there, though! It's the perfect app for trip planning outside of a guidebook. The "bookmark" feature allows you to plan a trip based on your feed. You can also use the map function to search for those Instagram-famous spots in your destination city.

Best App For Traveling Vegans
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The struggle can be all too real for vegan and vegetarian travelers who are eating out on the regular. HappyCow is an app that will allow you to search for nearby restaurants that meet your health needs.

Best App For Currency Exchanges

Don't get stressed out over currency exchange rates. If you plan to do some shopping or anything else for that matter, you'll need to know conversion prices. The XE Currency app provides real-time conversion rates that can be accessed without internet service.

Best App For Trip Planning

Avoid wasting paper and download this app to pull all of your travel plans into one place. Google Trips will transfer any bookings from your Gmail account to the app to avoid any confusion. The best part? The app basically acts as a personal travel agent by organizing an itinerary of restaurants, shops, and museums based on your destination. This makes things so much easier for you and your girls!

Sometimes we all need to just be with our girls. These apps will make sure you have the perfect vacation, whether this is a trip you've been waiting all year for, or you're jetting off at the last-minute.