8 Best Things About Living In LA That Every Millennial Can Relate To

by Kristin Corpuz

By 23, I've lived in a lot of cities. I grew up in Tampa, Florida, went to college in Boston, moved to New York City right after school, and as of six months ago, now live in Los Angeles. Although it has definitely been a huge adjustment, L.A. has been so welcoming to me so far. A ton of the qualities that I love about it are arguably the best things about living in L.A. that every millennial can relate to, and I know that many other people my age would love living here just as much as I do.

Los Angeles is a beautiful city filled with outdoorsy activities, beautiful sunshine, diverse cultures, and of course, a ton of spots to capture content for my Instagram feed. I love that the city is such a melting pot of people from all over the country, and even across the world. It greets newcomers with open arms and embraces people who are willing to make the most of their time there.

Though I don't know if L.A. is my forever home, it's definitely the place to be at this point in my life. I love being a young person in La La Land, and if you're considering moving here yourself, I can't recommend it enough.

It's An Instagram Playground

Los Angeles is a hotspot for Instagrammable everything. Pop-ups are frequently staged in the city, and even stores that are active year-round always have some kind of photo opp inside. If you're looking for a city that gives you endless opportunities to build up your #content on the 'Gram, L.A. is definitely it.

In the six months I've been living here, I've visited every pop-up imaginable (like Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch pictured above), as well as some gorgeous activations like the Museum of Selfies on Hollywood Boulevard.

Each Neighborhood Has Its Own Personality

Something that I personally love about L.A. is how different each neighborhood is. Even neighborhoods that have similar qualities — like Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach — feel totally different, and you can visit the places that better suit your personality. (FYI, I'm more of a Manhattan Beach girl than Santa Monica.)

When you're picking out a place to live, it's totally common for you to take the personality of the neighborhood into account — and it might even be considered equally as important as cost. I moved to North Hollywood, which is known for being a place for artists and young people, as well as families that have been in the area for a few generations. It's affordable and homey, which is exactly what I need.

There Are A Lot Of Spots For An Outdoorsy Retreat

If you're the kind of person who craves time in the great outdoors, but also needs to feel like you're in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a major city, L.A. has a great mix of both of those things. Just outside the city are the breathtaking poppy fields in Walker Canyon (pictured above), the slopes at Mammoth Mountain, and more.

Something that I've loved about living here is that whenever I need to get out of my apartment or just need to breathe some fresh air that sits above the L.A. smog, I can go on a hike, grab some friends to go to the beach, or drive just outside the city to experience something a little different.

The City Really Embraces Freelance Culture

This might just be my group of friends, but it seems like a lot of people in L.A. are freelancers like me. I work from home, so it's important for me to find cafés and other places that are OK with me camping out at a table with my laptop for a few hours.

Millennials have really embraced "gig culture," where they pick up jobs that help pay the bills in addition to pursuing their passion projects, and L.A. is a great place to do just that. A ton of my friends are musicians by trade, but also work other jobs like teaching yoga, walking dogs, and driving for ride share apps.

Taco Trucks Are Scattered Throughout The City
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the amazing things about living in L.A. is that there are taco trucks everywhere. A lot of them are open late if you're in the mood for a midnight snack, which is super convenient, as long as you have cash.

Pro tip: A lot of taco trucks have a "specialty" on their menu, even though most of the menus are pretty similar. Find out what the specialty is of the trucks that are closest to your apartment so you can try it out.

There Are Dogs Everywhere
Lumina / Stocksy

As much like tacos, I can't think of any millennial who doesn't love puppies. Los Angeles is a very dog-friendly city; even most restaurants and cafés welcome four-legged friends into their stores.

At this point in my life, I can't have a dog of my own — I travel far too much — but I get all the perks of petting dogs regularly, because I see them anytime I'm out and about around the city.

The Weather Is Beautiful For Most Of The Year

I grew up in Florida, which is also known as the Sunshine State, but I think that California might have it beat. I haven't experienced a summer here yet (I've heard the heat can be pretty brutal), but so far, the weather has been spectacular.

Before I moved here, I lived in New York City (and Boston before that), so I know that the harsh winter struggle can be so real. I moved to L.A. in September, and I don't think I've had as pleasant of a winter season since I was in high school. I love that the days are relatively warm and sunny, and the nights get a little cooler so you can slip into a sweater.

It's Home To Cultures From All Over The World
Chelsea Victoria / Stocksy

One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is how diverse the city is. It's safe to assume that any cuisine you're longing to try can probably be found in L.A. There are even neighborhoods that are dedicated to the cultures of certain heritages. L.A. is a giant melting pot of cultures that shows you just how big and how small the world is, all at once.